World of Warcraft 6

TLC Thursday: BlizzCon Ticket Giveaway, Trivia, and More!

The Link Connection has some fun and exciting things for you today!  Contests, trivia, writing, confessions, dreams… We’re talking awesomingly random today!  (Yes, I made that word up.  Yes, there is a random theme.)


I admit it, I am random.  I’m a warlock, I’m allowed to be.  (Yes, that’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it!)  True story, I will…in conversation… like In. Real. Life. say “Random” then proceed to say whatever popped into my head.


Davlin of Epic Dwarven Blogger and Nexultor of Level 80 Elite

What ya gotta do: Write an epic story that involves Davlin and Nexultor and/or design a banner for their podcast.  Details here!

Deadline: Has been extended to next week (Tuesday the 26th, I believe).  Proof deadline was extended!

Nifty prizes include: loot cards and a copy of the new Arthas novel.

Vonya of Egotistical Priest

What ya gotta do: There are 2 writing contests to enter based upon the number of words (post length and Twitter length!) about animals in Warcraft!

Deadline: July 1st

Nifty prizes include: Artwork or story by Miss Vonya herself!

Twisted Nether Blogcast (TNB)

What ya gotta do: Create an awesome design to use on their shirt!

Deadline: You know, I’m not positive, but certainly before BlizzCon.

Nifty prizes include: 60 day WoW game cards and loot cards


Justamom of Magerly Different has started a Sunday Warcraft Trivia post.  While there are no prizes at this time other than leet bragging rights, it is a fun challenege.  I look forward to many more!


Dreams I’d like to see made into a movie. Seriously, Elleiras of Fel Fire has the best dreams.

Confession Time….

(no, it’s not about my Google reader this time.  I promise.)

Did you actually make it this far in the post? Good for you! I appreciate that you didn’t bail out on me with the lure of all those shineys above.  Or, at least, you came back to check on me.

I have to share this, even though it’s a total /facepalm moment for me.

You see, I did win the Swagdog code that Gnomeaggedon so generously donated to the Child’s Play Charity Auction.  But it was not out of the goodness of my dark lil ‘lock heart that made me pass the code onto a guildie.  (Sorry to let you down, dear Gnomer.)

Oh no.

It was to compensate for my idiotic mistake.

You remember that “fan club” shirt I designed and posted based upon some amusing guild chat banter?  You remember that I donated it (and also a loot card) to the Child’s Play Charity Auction?

Yeah, the shirt had only one bidder.  A sweet, kindhearted guildie.

Thing is, when I went to order it and ship it to her, well, the shirt wasn’t available.  I mean, the design was there, but I couldn’t do anything with it.  See, inside the heart was Syrana’s face from the old banner we had.  So, it was flagged as questionable.  Oops.  (I should have ordered the one and only copy of the shirt evah right away! I mean, that was bad, shoulda never been on there! >.>)

Yep.  So here I am, sputtering and swearing at my computer that I can’t order this shirt that someone bid on to donate to charity.  Then it hits me, I could just pass along the code I won.  That way, everyone wins.  My guildie can order a shirt, I still donated to the charity, and the children can play!


*Random banana image source


  • Davlin
    May 21, 2009 10:15 am

    First of all, thanks for the linkage.
    Second of all: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH NEXULATOR…that’s funny.
    Third of all: that sucks about the shirt. Stupid cafepress!

  • Syrana
    May 21, 2009 11:48 am


    Dammit! No matter how carefully I proofread, something still slips through.

    Fixt. Poor Nex. 🙁

    And you are welcome Dav. 😉

  • Kromus
    May 21, 2009 5:47 pm

    Lol – tempted to have a go but too much going on for me – awesome coverage post though Syrana.

    And lol – charity ftw – your right, everybody does win, I should try and read blogs more often so I hear of these sort of things 😀

  • Gnomeaggedon
    May 21, 2009 7:25 pm

    lol, your 1 little error = Child’s Play’s profit…

    I can’t understand why they would pull anything with your face on it…

    Hell, there should be billboards devoted to Syrana!

  • Syrana
    May 21, 2009 7:34 pm

    @Kromus – Thanks 🙂 Reading more blogs would be fantastic, but at least you are reading mine… so I <3 you for that!

    @Gnomer – Heh. Yeah, that’s the good part about my error at least. I had almost used the code from you before I confirmed my guildie’s shipping address (plus we’d joked about me autographing the shirt). I was glad I hadn’t redeemed it yet so that I -could- give her something to make up for my whoopsie!

    I don’t know about billboards, but I do think I should be more visible! 😛

  • Abi
    May 22, 2009 10:44 am

    Aw, that sucks about the shirt!