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AYUMi @ flickr
AYUMi @ flickr

Over a month has gone by since I entered the Global Creative Writing Contest.  Some of you may remember me posting about it.  I was brainstorming and not feeling satisfied with what was developing in my brain in relation to the amount of time I had to crank it out.  So, I had decided to submit a selection from Aerissa's on-going story.  Parts 6 through 10, I felt, could stand on their own as a short story.

I know there had to have been hundreds, if not thousands, of entries.  I also know they couldn't possibly send out feedback to everyone.  But, how awesome would it be to know that Chris Metzen held my story within his hands… well, then it would mean he had cast it aside.  So I suppose that isn't so awesome anymore! Heh.

Anyway, since submitting my entry in early April, I've been anxiously awaiting the announcement of winners.  To be honest, from the begining I felt my entry was not high enough quality to be in contention for the grand prize.  But, I thought I might have a shot at an honorable mention.

I mean, I have been out of the writing game for quite some time and only recently have gotten back into it (with regularity too!) when this blog started up.  I know there's room for improvement and the only way to improve is to keep writing.

Oh right, back to the announcement.

So, just as I see Greyseer's tweet about the winners being posted (finally, since we'd been waiting all day!), Sideshow asked if I wanted to go out for ice cream.

I say, “Let me see the winners first.”

I figure, if my name is on there = celebration ice cream.  If my name is not on there = consolation ice cream.  (Either way, ice cream is win.  Well, actually, frozen custard.)

So I look through this list.  My name isn't anywhere.  I'm not even sure if the people listed are people I know of or not.  (What are real names?!)  I start to have some pangs of writer insecurity.  I share these feelings to get them out of my system quickly.

Will I stop writing? Hell naw.

At the end of the day, I still won because I followed through on entering a submission.  I still love to write.  And, I still know there are people that enjoy my writing.

I do wish a hearty congratulations to all of those whom were selected and I look forward to reading your submissions…. to enjoy as well as learn from.

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  • I submitted a story of mine as well. Yeah I had consolation ice cream as well. I would like to read the winners work though to see where it stacks up to mine. I hope they make it available.

  • @Rivs – Hey, at least we entered and got ice cream, right? 😉 I really hope Blizzard will give us the opportunity to read the winning stories. I know the announcement thread has several people saying they want to see them, but some of the comments have a negative tone about it. But hey, that’s the nature of the official forums, I guess.

    I want to see them because they must be great stories if they won! Plus, I learn from reading others as well as continuously writing.


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