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Today's TLC Thursday is brought to you by some random starred items in my Google Reader… again.

This first link is a non-WoW blog, but I found this post amusing about the overkill of trendy idioms over at DelSquacho.  Scratch that, this isn't a blog link, it's a blonk.

In this day and age, often do you actually talk on the phone anymore.  Have you ever thought of what a phone conversation might be like if you had to call a guildmate only armed with their game name?  Fulguralis shares a humorous tale of having to do such a thing.

I'd like to welcome Mortigan the Lock to Syrana's Warlockery Cohort.  If you haven't checked his blog out yet, I'd suggest starting with 3 of my favorite posts thus far: How to Raid Anything, A Letter of Resignation to the Sons of Hodir (which reminded me of Syrana's break up letter to Archavon), and How to Negotiate With the Other Faction.

The lovely Tami (some may remember her as the Egotistical Priest) has a couple good posts regarding how comments are like a handshake and how to encourage comments on your blog.

Also, this week I received an email from a reader letting me know they started their own blog.  This was very cool.  I love hearing from readers! (Don't be shy!) So I want to give a warm welcome to Nanuki to the blogosphere.  And be sure to check out these adorable drawings!

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Sharing is caring!


  • Awwww a little spotlight from Miss Syrana, I cannot stop squeeing 😀 *does a little happy dance*
    I feel very pleased, thank you very much! And thankies too for your kind words about my drawing, a appreciate that a lot 😀 *is even more happy*

    Keep up your great posts, Miss Syrana!
    Your faithful reader Nanuki 🙂

  • I approve of your new word “blonk” and shall attempt to integrate it into my vocabulary.

    Imagine the reaction 😀

  • @Nanuki – You are very welcome! Keep drawing and posting! 🙂

    @Tami – You are welcome as well! I’m trying to revive TLC Thursday, I let it slide for awhile (mostly because I’d fallen behind on reading posts…something that happens too often, I must admit)

    @Anea – lol Maybe I should change it to TBC Thursday – The Blonk Connection… and see if anyone notices.


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