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Today is the first day that Aion players can redeem veteran rewards.  Last week NCsoft revealed their plans for veteran rewards.  Starting today, accounts that have been active for at least a month will be able to redeem them.  Although things could still change, at this time, they are planning to have rewards for each active month – up to 6 months.

What kinds of goodies shall we see? Titles, cube expansion, exclusive emotes, rez stones, experience amulets, and better wings.

Best part? You can redeem them for any/all of your characters as long as your account has been active long enough for each veteran reward package.  Very cool for altoholics.

I'm An Aion Veteran!

I'm pretty excited about this – especially for the cube expansion.  Anyone who knows me and my inventory issues (in WoW and Aion) will know this is a good thing for me.  It really doesn't matter what I do… I'm a virtual hoarder.

What I like about the veteran rewards listed for the next 6 months is that none of them make or break the game, in my opinion.  Titles give some stat boosts, but still nothing crazily overpowering.  Same with the wings, they are for level 40+, add a little extra flight time, mana, and health.  The emotes are just fun vanity items and the rez stones are convenience.

The amulets, oh yes please.  I have not experienced much of a grind yet, but plenty of people have voiced concerns about experience grinding.  Well, the amulets help boost experience gains, which can help through those rough stretches.  Also, they are nice for altaholics to ease the 2nd, 3rd, 15th journey to level cap.

I know the announcement mentioned weapons in the list of examples, but I didn't see any in the list so far.  And I'm ok with that.  If weapons and/or armor are going to be veteran rewards, I just hope they aren't super overpowered.  I like what is listed so far because they are mainly vanity items or items to help boost experience rather than any large shift in the balance of power.

I'm also glad to see that in making the decision to have veteran rewards, they are introducing them right away.  Waiting too long before implementing a system like this can result in a huge QQ outcry.  But as it stands right now, we're pretty much all veterans.

WoW Veteran Rewards?

For a game that has been around for 5 years, in which I've played for 3, it's sort of bittersweet that there aren't veteran rewards.  On the one hand, I'm glad that I'm not missing out on rewards because I joined the game a couple years late.  On the other hand, it'd be nice to receive a little something as a “thank you for playing with us for years!”

Some might say there are veteran rewards in WoW right now in the flavor of purchasable cold weather flying tomes for alts and heirloom gear.  However, those rewards are more tied to having a high level character rather than how long you've had an active account.

Pick A Reward, Any Reward

If WoW was to introduce veteran rewards at this time, I think it'd be hard to implement it in a fair and balanced way… would you reward based on months or years at this point?  What could they offer in the way of vanity that wouldn't create a ripple in the playerbase? Pets? Titles? Achievements – Feats of Strength, maybe? Mounts? More bank space?

Regardless of the game you play, what kinds of rewards would you like to see?

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  • It’s so much fun being a noob again – I totally didn’t know about the veteran rewards before you said something!

    Is it sad that I’m most excited about the emotes?

    With all the folks in WoW clamoring for the dance studio, I think that’d be a great one for them to pick up – been with us X years? Have a new dance for your toon, regardless of race! Or a new laugh (the human female laugh…UGH)

    Although I like vanity pets and the idea behind them, I always forgot to pull the pet out in WoW. It’d be a lot of fun to have vanity pets in Aion that could fly with you.

    Oh! New tattoo designs. Tail decoration for the Asmo – I would at least have that sucker braided (and yes, I know it’s not a tail, it’s really long back hair, but that sounds a lot less magical and marvelous than “tail” so I’m sticking with the term that doesn’t make my character sound revolting. Mmm, back hair. Sexy AND practical!)

  • @Tami – It’s definitely fun being a noob again! 😀 I don’t think it’s sad that you are excited about the emotes, they have put some great detail into those. The idle animations are fun to watch too.

    Definitely – dance studio in WoW would be much appreciated and other animated emotes would be nice.. since not all have animations. There’s some fun things that could be done with that (especially for RP!). I’d be for tattoos as well. Aion allows for sooo much customization for character creation with hair, face, skin, etc… but more markings please!


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