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Hello everyone!  Sorry I have not posted in a few days.  I was busy with work and preparing for our guild's Valentine's party on Friday evening.  It was a blast!  I know my guildies are anticipating a recap of the event, and I hope you enjoy it too!  Not only do I have some fun pictures to share (yay, I finally got GIMP), but I must share these crazy Valentine's Madlibs!

oi-vday20091So, the OIsters got together on Friday evening and partied it up on Azurebreeze Coast in Eversong Woods.  It didn't take long for the dancing and drinking to begin!  A few of us partook in some picnic goodies and cake.  Meanwhile, Goz (the pimpest Orc there ever was) was showin' off his Mechano-Hog and givin' the ladies (and Sideshow) rides around the beach.  By the time Dande got the fireworks show started, a few of our guildies managed to lose their dresses.  Syrana was tempted to snag someone's lovely black dress off the sandy beach, but she received one as a gift from Ori.  What a sweetheart!

oi-vday2009-picnicoi-vday2009-fireworksDrang then suggested that all 34 of us should try to get organized for a group picture.  Everyone got nice ‘n cozy with each other and smiled wide.  Then, Neph and Syrana asked everyone to line up and come forward to receive their Valentine cards from us.  Syrana was too busy to write them up herself so she tossed a gold at some kid named Valentino and asked him to pen a few for her.  Take a look at some of these timeless Valentine's Cards.  (Oh, you know you want one!)

Click to read these gems!
Click to read these gems!

After the card exchange, Syrana figured everyone was good and toasted… as the party had been going strong for over an hour, making it the perfect time to ask them to come up with a list of nouns, verbs, adjectives, colors, and body parts for a Valentine Letter Madlib!

Dear Jane, my most fruity Valentine,

You are in my beautiful thoughts every moment of the day.  My arm skips a beat every time I think of your funky hair flowing down your thigh.  Mere words cannot express the sloppy feelings that I have for you my darling pie.

Valentine, you are the most sexy lady in the world, all my friends are jealous.  When you run into the room everyone explodes at you.  My friend Mark said you look like a delicate dog.  My other friend Bob said you reminded him of a cherry because of your smelly complection.

Baby you have it all.  Your smell is like a Harley waving in the breeze.  Your lips are tender as a paperclip, every time we kiss I feel chocolates in my booty.  Your 69 inch waist is the envy of every lady in Paris.  My sweet snow if you ever left me I would feel like jumping in to a Crown Royal.  Since you promised me your love and completely broke off your relationship with Nick I feel I can do what I am about to do.

My sweet horse my net worth is 13 dollars so I feel I am established enough.  I couldn't wait until we were together in person so just imagine me bending my tongue.

Jane, will you marry me?  Enclosed is a velvet covered golf ball with a condom as a token of my love.  I hope you say yes!

Text message me with your reply.  I am making reservations to fly out to the gutter for our honeymoon.  Go ahead and get that wedding dress at the police station you have been eyeing a long time.  I have already asked your dad he said “Peace.”  I took that as a ‘yes'.

Just in case this is worrying you, I told Luvalot to ‘Eat your heart out, I'm taken.'

Next thing you know it we'll have 3 kids trailing behind us.  You ought to see the 25 story house I have built for us and it's your favorite color red.

Valentine, I have to go tickle, I will see you soon.

Love your kielbasa sausage,


Syrana hopes everyone had a great time either being there or hearing about the craziness afterward.  Hmmm, what can she plan next?

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  • I immmensely enjoyed helping out with the event… =)
    it was funny..I was wondering what to bring to make enough room in my bag for the…
    What’s our next event?

  • The Valentine beach party was great fun! I caught a beach ball and a paper zepplin and tossed them to the next person…who went home with them in their bag?
    The fireworks display was wonderful and the mechano squirrel I received from Dande is sooo sweet. Thank you for putting on such a fun filled event!

  • @Neph – And I thank you so very much for helping! We’ll have to do some brainstorming for the next one. 🙂

    @Keli – You’re welcome and glad you had fun! I had brought about 15 balls to the party and threw around. I think I left with 3 coming back to me. 🙂 I’m sure the balls and zepplins were some nice surprises for some to discover in their bags!


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