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GamesI thought I'd give an update on my gaming and an overview of my play-style.

Sideshow is currently at 80 and has been there for many months now. In all honesty, he's probably as far as he needs to be. He has a few Naxx pieces, some PvP pieces, etc. I have no interest in getting him fully top-tier geared. That's not how I play. I drop in to enjoy my free time with whatever I feel like doing at the time. I usually do a few dailies, hit up a few battlegrounds, and maybe run some stuff with guildies. I may start PuGing more when the dungeon changes come out in 3.3. It's not the act of raiding that I don't enjoy.

I enjoy raiding with friends, but the act of scheduling a weekly time to play a game never sits well with me. I game when I have free time. Everything else usually trumps that. When I start to schedule time to play, then I start to lose interest. It's not an active thing I'm doing. My brain just starts to lose interest in it. I've accepted the fact that I probably won't raid much, so it doesn't bother me. Though, it also probably goes along with my gaming-style in general.

The plus side to that is that I now (after almost 4 years of playing WoW) have more than one max-level character. My 2nd character created back in 2006 has finally hit max-level. I was always a few months behind with him. He's my dwarf hunter, Gertbee, who started on Eitrigg and who is now on Gilneas in <I Blame Syrana>. Brigywn would be so proud!

Other than that, I've been meddling in other games. My play-style is best described as a “short-attention span” style. Don't confuse that with ADD. I really get into my games, but I can burnout quickly and jump to another one. I do this a lot and usually come back to games later on. I rarely beat games on my first run. Due to this, I've got back into GTA IV, but that is also due to the new episodic release, The Ballad of Gay Tony. I'm also playing Borderlands (PC), Brutal Legend (360), and Aion (PC).

I dread the next few months, though. I have to deal with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 (I see a pattern here), and now I like what I'm seeing with Dragon Age: Origins (and I love BioWare.) Not to mention wanting to try Torchlight.

I can haz monies? I also blame Syrana.

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  • Your gaming style is so much like mine it’s rediculous. I don’t – much to my chagrin – have the time any more for quite so many at once, but within the space of the last few weeks.. WoW, Torchlight (dropped for..), Borderlands (PC), which I finished playthrough 1 of last night with a friend, although last parts took longer because I was so keen to drop it for, Dragon Age: Origins (PC), which is my current love.

    I *promised* myself I wouldn’t get into this until both exams and NaNo was over.. That I’d merely do the origin story and then leave it be.

    I was not prepared. Not prepared enough by half for how much awesome they had crammed into the Origin (I played the City Elf origin, as a Male). So.. Then I told myself – will to resist weakening rapidly – that I’d just finish up to the point of becoming a Grey Warden..

    ..But then, epic battle! Now! I can’t leave it here! And.. The Tower! I’ve seen video of this place! MUST PLAY. Soo.. I did.. And then the.. uh.. revelations after that (avoiding spoilers) left me flabbergasted. And also hopelessly hooked.

    Good game? Yeah. I might even finish this one in one attention span, which almost never happens. I would’ve abandoned Borderlands completely save that a friend bought it specifically to play with me, so there was no way my conscience could handle doing that without at least completing one entire play through. 😛

    Er, anyhow, long post is long. TL:DR version: Dragon Age is good. Pick it up. 🙂

  • Side and I are pretty similar with our approach to gaming… it’s almost a wonder we get anything done around here as we’re both trying to rotate through games 😛


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