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Amazingly there were over 1800 keyword searches that reached us here at S&S.  Those 1800+ words/phrases brought around 3000 people here.  But just what were they looking for?

Well, here is a look at the more amusing ones.  The practical ones are no fun and made sense.

In no particular order….

I'm really not sure how many pages deep one would have to go to land here for this.
All undead look alike to me.
I think this is more expensive than a real one…
Admit it… you like it!
Sideshow THE musical? Prolly not gonna happen. Sorry, kids.
It could happen… equal opportunity love?
There's a trilogy?!
Well, The Undercity Bank doesn't do business with no stinkin' Alliance!
This is how I want to go.
My guess? Because you DID die in a fire.
No u.
Is Aly dirty or just the dress?
I'm no psychic, so I usually recognize funny accidents AFTER they happen.
That's me!
Buy it?
Is Brigwyn looking for NSFW screenies again?
Sideshow has to use it. That's the only way it will work.
Oh noes!
Capwn! Stop screwin' with the keyword searches, you naughty kitty.
Honey, this is not the way to get me to listen to you.
They should be easy to lure. Just use candy, chocolate, cookies, or souls. They'll come runnin'!
Is that even possible?!
Is there a degree for this?
Not that I've seen… It's the Sims game, not The Fantasy Simulator.
I'm so sorry, but you have found the wrong Syrana for anything like that.
I'm a disease now?
This one time…on a boat… … I got nothin'.
If you ate ‘Con food, you certainly will.
Creepy bugger, ain't he?
Food funnies? Interesting. And, I'd wager your legs will be stiffer when dead.
There's only one?
Here we go with the cross-race stuff again. I know a site that can fill your request, but you won't find it here.
I don't remember that. Was it an expansion? On another note, that would be a good name for a “gentleman's” club, don'tcha think?
I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and guess… Human?
Play WoW, duh.
It's hard to date a game. You should hook up with the searcher of the phrase before you.
*bats eyelashes* Why thank you… but you had to search to find me?

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Sharing is caring!


  • THAT was pretty friggin hilarious! Hahaha! Thanks for taking the effort to compile (and respond!) to all of them. Makes me wonder if I should leave a gem or two in your searchbox!

    Where did you get these from? Somewhere in the admin?

  • @Tami – 😀 Thanks and glad you enjoyed them. It turned out to be more of a project than originally expected… like so many of my projects, haha. I pulled the info from Google Analytics for 2009, screenshotted ’em, then cropped ’em. So I think Google-ers are the culprits!

    @Kaethir – I laugh! Don’t SYRANA SMASH! D: (hehe)

    @Sideshow – I’m a bit frightened. Although, I think I want to pair up the “watcher in the water” with that one wedding photo where you are being all stalkerish…

    @Forthepie – haha Actually, “Sideshow and Syrana” used to be the top search. Recently searches for Mortigan (and several variations of keywords) have brought people here. Iblamesyrana, what is iblamesyrana, what is iblamesyrana about, etc did bring some searches though! 🙂


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