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This first full work week after two short weeks due to the holidays is just killing my brain.  Seriously.  At least I have some time off coming up really soon, which will definitely help me get back on track with the normal posting schedule.

If you listened to Episode 6 of Polygamerous, you'll noticed I mentioned playing around with Allods Online and Dreamworld.

Allods Online is in the 3rd closed beta until January 11th, and since I hadn't spent a lot of time playing it during the previous closed betas I wanted to get a bit more time in over the weekend.

Dreamworld, on the other hand… is on Facebook.

Yup, you read that right.  I've finally joined the Facebook gaming phenomenom and accepted a guildmate's request for that game.  Currently it is the only Facebook game I'm playing around with.  We'll see if it catches on.

You can listen to me talk about them a bit more on the podcast, but I thought I'd share some screenshots I took of each.


Is it really wise for the tutorial to suggest eating random mushrooms one finds in the marsh?

I wish I got compensated in real life when making a fool out of myself.

Defenseless? Are you kidding me? Do you NOT see that gun on her shoulder?


Playing around with the character creation.  Here we have a League Elf Summoner (Demonologist) in full equipment.  I must say, I love that skull offhand.

And here is that same character with the “no equipment” option.  Umm… NSFW?  This is free to play after all, but I'm used to my characters wearing swimsuits under their armor.

This was the look I ended up going with.  It seemed the most fitting for the honor to be named Syrana.

Gibberlings have got to be the cutest race in Allods.  They are part of the League and come in threes! This is the Animist (warden) class.  Not only did I get to customize each Gibberling… I got to name them AND my pet.  Nice fluffy bunny wif big teef!  (Oh yeah, they were named Squeeks, Meeks, Tweeks, and Fluffy)

This Empire Orc Paladin I made just wants to say, “It's fun to stay at the Y M C A~”

Ah, the smell of the sea.  The setting sun.  This is the first zone after the initial instanced starting area.  I thought it was pretty, until I looked at my chat box.  Then the whole scene became pretty awful.

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  • I’m curious to know how you like the game, past the opening scenes. I don’t know if it was just me being flighty or not, but it seemed really hard for me to connect to the game (adorable hamster people with vicious attack squirrels notwithstanding – mine were Khuu, Bhuu, Rhuu, and Twidget).

    I felt much more connected to Aion, but the pvp aspects of Aion were too much for me. I’m so anti-pvp that even I admit it’s ridiculous.

  • @Tami – What adorable names! And I think I shall answer you further in a near-future post. *nodnod*


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