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Ink and Metal, Part 1 – Getting Ink'd

So the day after getting my tattoo, Sideshow and I went to see KoRn at The Rave in Milwaukee on July 18th.  This was my 4th or 5th time seeing them live.  (It's terrible when you start to get old enough to lose track of concerts….)

Overall, it was a good concert.  We had fun and came away with zero injuries.  I'm at the point in my life where I steer clear of moshers because I can't afford to deal with the injuries that can be incurred.  They played a mix of older and newer songs, which was to be expected since they aren't promoting a new album at the moment.

Jon Davis - Image Courtesy of Chad Davis*
Jon Davis - Image Courtesy of Chad Davis*

I was a bit bummed that Jonathan Davis (who has the same birthday as Sideshow and I!) wasn't wearing his kilt… nor did he have his special smexy Giger microphone stand with him.  I do like seeing them at The Rave (this was the 2nd or 3rd time at this venue) better because it's smaller, closer, more intimate.  However, there is a lack of seating while waiting around for them to start.  Sure, some would say to show up closer to the headline time and skip the opening band.  But, parking is sucky as it is around there, so the later you arrive, the harder it is to find decent parking.

I did have an issue with the sound there though.  Sideshow and I were talking and comparing different concerts we've attended at that venue and have determined it's related to the time of year.  In the winter, the acoustics seem good.  But in the summer, they have the windows open because it gets so hot inside.  I think it messes with the acoustics of the ballroom a bit, especially for metal bands.  If you know the band and their music, it's easier to figure out what the songs are, but if you are not familiar with them, it can be harder to differentiate songs.

The opening band though.   Ugh.  (I believe it was Chuck Mosley & VUA- get this, it stands for “Vanduls Ugenst Alliderasy” /facepalm- according to this source, which was the only thing I could find on who the opener was.  I can't even find a review of the concert online anywhere…odd.)  I'm not sure what their deal was, but they weren't too great.  The music itself sounded ok, but the singer didn't match with them.  It sorta sounded like someone playing Rock Band… the vocals sounding just a tad off over the top of the music and not fitting it.  They started and stopped a couple times too.  This happened after they were a good half hour late in starting.  Needless to say, the crowd was getting restless.  Booing and fingers were commonplace amongst the crowd.  The singer then had the gall to start cussing out the crowd and telling them to suck it.

That was not received very well, as you can imagine.

We certainly saw a good chunk of the Great List o' 7 at the concert.  There is always such an eclectic mix of people at metal shows.  I think that's one of the charms of 'em, really.  We were unfortunate enough to be near the middle school section for awhile during the penis shouting game.  That really took me back.  Also, had the friendly concert goers that exchange words of enthusiasm with those around them.  I didn't receive any random hugs this time like I have in the past, nor did I have any random girls grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to the stage.

I did take home two souvenirs: a new KoRn shirt, and spilt beer on my clothes.

After the concert, Sideshow and I followed our after concert ritual of going to George Webb's for food.  There were clearly other people there that had been at the concert, too, as I heard a teenage girl repeatedly say, “They must have just come from The Rave, they had to of been at The Rave, yeah they were at The Rave,” as we walked in and sat down.

I think she had too much sugar.

Well, this isn't my best concert review ever, but it did happen over 3 weeks ago.  This is why I shouldn't procrastinate! 😉


*Image from concert at The Rave on 3/31/06

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