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Reading my last post about Lunar Festival is not required to enjoy this one.  But for the heck of it, go ahead and read the last one if you haven't already.  Go on~ /peerpressure

Before I go into an update on Syrana's Elder Tour, I have to share this question that made me /giggle and /facepalm all at the same time while I was on my lowbie druid in Thunder Bluff.  Unfortunately, I forgot to screenshot it.  (But it really did happen, I swear!)

Lowbie Belf says: hi

Me looking around, trying to figure out if he's actually speaking to me or someone else.

Lowbie Belf says: do you know where the guy is that has the sun shining down on him?

I start to respond 3 different times and just decided to give directions rather than explain that this was the Lunar Festival.  Especially since the Elder he was asking about was Elder Ezra Wheathoof.  How sweet of Blizzard to honor him. /salute

Northrend Elder Tour

I met a few of the Northrend Elders on my hunter, Alynedarra, but since she cannot fly yet, I didn't complete the circuit.  Well, Sideshow and I have had a detour on our leveling tour (yes, everything is a tour!), so I went on to do my cooking daily.  (Which, I think is bugged… ever since they lowered the number of Northrend Stews needed for the convention, it has been the only daily I've gotten…)

Then I decided I might as well visit the Elders up nort'.  I mean, I wasn't going to get that far ahead with experience than Sideshow while doing it.  Plus, I need the rep boosts in my quest for mounts.  Man, the amount of gold on runecloth this will save me! I continued to reference this guide for coordinates, as needed.  With flying, meeting all of the Elders in Northrend didn't take long.

Kalimdor Elder Tour

Once I get on an achievement kick, I just can't stop.  So, I decided to finish of the Kalimdor tour that Sideshow, Kelinarra, and I had started.  I even met the Elder in Darnassus with little trouble.  I did, however, take the wrong boat at first and arrived at Azuremyst Isle.  Oops.  I saw a couple players, but not many.  One stupid brave level 7 draenei hunter marked my flagged butt and shot at me.  I barely flexed my fingers to put a lone DoT on them, which barely ticked before they collapsed to the floor of the boat.

I /cackled.

So, I had fun positioning myself upon the boats to try and avoid as many NPC's as possible.

Wrong boat...
Right boat!

No sense in drawing more attention to myself from other players, such as the level 60something Death Knight riding the boat with me.  Now, why would I be fearful of someone that much lower than me? Well, I wasn't really.  However, to save money on repairs from guard beatings, and to try and appear peaceful, I was only wearing my green dress.  I mean, I was going into enemy territory all by my lonesome.  And a lot of my power is drawn from my gear, so, best not to provoke… even though that's usually my style when it comes to enemy players.

So, anyway, the correct boat arrives at the docks for Darnassus.  My trusty mount (the green one, to match my dress and eyes) takes me through the portal and towards the Cenarion Enclave.  The trees attack me as I talk with the Elder.  But that's ok, I toss out a Howl of Terror to get them off my back for a moment while I complete my conversation.  Then, I just let them beat me with sticks.  Why? Because then it took me to the graveyard outside Dolanaar, where the next Elder was.  Elder Bladeleaf was my the last stop.  But, I figured I might as well explore while I was there.

Eastern Kingdoms Elder Tour

Now, this is where things got really interesting.  Sideshow and I teamed up in Undercity, where we met with the last Elder inside a Horde capital city.  We hit up all the northern zones and ended outside Kharanos.  Well, Sideshow ended and logged.  I decided I was not going to back down from Ironforge just because I was alone.  It was between 10pm and 11pm server time, so I knew it probably would not be a complete ghost town.  Although, it was more empty than I expected.  So, I strip down to my green dress again and charge on in there.  Thankfully, I'm sorta familiar with the layout.  I'm doing pretty well, I get knocked off my mount by some guards and have a line of them following me.  I can see the beam of light.. almost there…almost to the Mystic Ward…

Netted by the Thief Catcher.  Bastard!

The guards proceed to bash my head in.  We look on the bright side though: we can rez right next to the Elder! We do this, and attract guards immediately.  We have no time to health/mana up or mount up.  We get the coin and RUN.  I thought I was doing well, I was back towards the entrance.  (My brilliant idea to just back track to head for the tram…)  Then a gnome mage decides to finish me off.  Then sit on me.

I hate gnomes.

The graveyard is all the way back by Kharanos, but this does not deter me.  I want to take the tram to Stormwind.  That's my plan, and I'm stickin' to it!  I return to my body and see this:

Moonlight. Spotlight.
Moonlight. Spotlight.

I was famous.  So, I duck back around the corner, closer to the entrance.  This puts me just at the edge of my rez distance.  I see a death knight mounted and pacing near my corpse.  Is he really dumb enough to think I'd pop in plain sight?  Little does he know, I was born and raised on a PvP server before moving…  I time my rez with the patrolling guards, mount up and head for the tram.  It doesn't take long for more guards to notice me and I die by their hands as I enter the Tinker Town tunnel.  Soooo close to the tram!  That death knight found me as I died.  Man was he slow.

When I ran back to my body, there were no players in sight.  I was able to rez and run into the tram without any problem.  Once I got to Stormwind, it was pretty easy to take the back streets to the park.  I easily grabbed the Elder and another achievement.  At that point the guards became interested in me.  (Green must really be my color.)  I take off running and just know I need to get out of the city.  I decide I might as well have fun and headed for the most crowded area in Stormwind.  Some death knight snagged me with his purple grabby mcgrabster hand before I had a chance to run into the crowd.  But that was fine.  He killed me and I spirit rezzed by the Eastvale Logging Camp.  After that, it was easy for me to finish off the rest of the continent.

Only the Elder Dungeon Tour left now, which can't be completed until I'm 80, so meh.

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  • Green definately was your color that night! We were all cheering you on as you let us know your progress in Guild chat. Grats Syrana…way to go!

  • I could have sworn they added like 60 new graveyards but the Hordes closest rez spot to SW is STILL way the hell over at the logging camp? Srs?

  • I know! I thought with all the added graveyards that there was no way I’d be put to the logging camp, but sure enough… at least it was far away from anyone that would want to jump a freshly rezzed flagged belf. 🙂

  • I hate sneaking into Org.. I can handle the deaths, but the run from the graveyard at Razor Hill is just excruciating.

    Mind you, are grabbing the coin in Org, I was able to spirit Rez at Razor Hill and just pop in unaccosted to Razor Hill for the next coin

  • @Gnomeaggedon

    I think sneaking into enemy capitals for the Elders was more work than for putting out the Midsummer Festival fires. I understand why they want to keep a distance on that corpse run, but geez!


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