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The first of February will mark the first of the new Sunday posts, here at S&S.  By unanimous vote between Sideshow and I, we've decided to change the name.  That's right, this is the Sunday post formerly known as X Marks the Spot.  We decided to change it since it won't always be a guessing game as to where to find the NPC, object, whathaveyou.

Last week's screenshot recap

Patchy the cat was found in the apothecary room at Venomspite in Dragonblight.  I found him either the day of Patch 3.0.8 or the following day, but have not seen him since.  Ah well, he will forever live in our memory.


I would imagine that many of you Elder worshipers came across this lovely face, but do you remember where?


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  • Blizz really did know how to pick some of the most annoying places for those Elders! The one in Azshara is all the way on the other side of the map! Bunch of jerks!

  • Yay for countdown to extinction! Megadeth FTW! I would totally come over to your guys’ server except I like the character models for alliance better. Totally shallow I know.

  • @Fuu – indeed! I almost missed the bridge across. And going dooooown in Azshara is incredibly annoying if you need to get back up top.

    @Fish – You are right, shallow! Boo! 😛 I keed, I keed!


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