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smashcon @ Flickr
smashcon @ Flickr

It is no secret that WoW was my first MMORPG.  When I first started playing WoW in October of 2006, I was totally enamored with it.  I started out playing here and there, getting to know WoW.

The more I got to know WoW, the more time I wanted to spend playing it.  My play time increased and I tried new things with WoW – new characters, new classes, new zones.  I tried dungeons, battlegrounds, world PvP, and roleplaying.

After a few months, WoW and I were nearly inseparable.  I barely looked at other games.  I felt as though all my gaming needs were being met within this one package.  So, I played even more often… until that honeymoon phase was over.  The euphoria wasn't there anymore, but I still really liked playing WoW.  But, it felt different.  I needed space.

That was when I took my first break.  And it wasn't my last.  Many of my breaks were filled with console gaming.

It didn't feel like cheating, because I played primarily one player console games.  They were on a completely different level than MMOs and most certainly were not like WoW.

It never took long before I'd return to WoW.  I'd feel guilty for being away for so long, hoping I hadn't missed out on too much and that WoW would have me back.

Of course, WoW always accepted me back with open arms.

Eventually, WoW and I had to have The Talk.  I still love WoW, but sometimes it doesn't provide everything I'm looking for.  I didn't like knowing what I was missing.  But WoW… WoW was always forgiving and accepting of my need to explore.

My need to be free to game as I pleased.

More console games would come and go, but WoW was always there.

Then I tried some different Free To Play MMOs, even beta tested Requiem.  But those were short-lived, casual dates that never took it to the next level.

Dogfael @ Flickr
Dogfael @ Flickr

Next I tried something different.  I didn't really take a break from WoW, but started playing other games on the side.  Sometimes playing both in the same night even.

I played Age of Conan, Warhammer, Free Realms, and Luminary.  I went farther with those games than I had with the other MMOs, yet they were still like one night stands.  They would satisfy me in the moment, but leave me wanting something more the next morning.

WoW was patient and never judgemental, for WoW, too, saw a lot of players.

Enter Aion.  I'd heard about Aion from others and really liked what I heard.  I checked up on it, and saw it was a very good looking game.  But I needed to know it was more than just looks.  During the open beta testing, I was sold.  Aion was the complete package.  Aion made me feel like WoW once did.

Before Aion came along, I'd never seriously questioned my relationship with WoW.  I started to second guess it.  Could I really leave WoW for Aion?  I returned to WoW after Aion's beta period was over, wanting to fill my time until Aion went live.  Since Aion has gone live, I've been playing both games.  Sometimes on the same night, sometimes they trade weekend visits.

I appreciate them both for what makes them unique, and am comforted by the familiarity of their similarities.  However, I've come to the realization that I cannot leave one for the other.  Oddly enough, Aion makes me appreciate WoW in ways I'd started to take for granted.

For now, neither Aion nor WoW are forcing me to make a decision.  I think they understand that sometimes an MMO player just has to swing.

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  • I love wow, but it’s not my “true love” in gaming terms. My true love is and always will be pokemon. We’re life partners. I’ll think to myself that I would never play pokemon again, and then the next release/re-release comes out and I play the bloody hell out of both versions, logging a good 6-700 hours on it.

    WoW will simply be that wonderful mistress that I see on the side all the time, like a geisha and her patron. But pokemon is my partner for life. My soul mate.

  • I’m totally having that open-relationship thing with Aion and WoW as well. I’m really glad you talked about it because I was feeling kind of guilty, now that I know it’s okay perhaps I’ll talk about my decision with my guild — nah, I don’t think they’re ready for that.

  • I am faithful and can be loyal to only one at a time. WoW is where I lay my mouse right now, and I’ll share a computer desk with no other so long as that relationship lasts.

  • Wow syrana. You hit the nail right smack-dab on the head. I’m going through the same thing, but I’m finding myself too strapped for time and money to give both games the dedication they deserve. I’m dreading the day that I must make the decision between the two.

  • Totally agree – uniqueness sells, thats why the games that try to cater for everything fail in the long run-sometimes.

    I play alot of FPS games alongside WoW so I can use FPS as my “KILL THINGS NOW” and WoW can be my world.

    I love WoW.

    Sometimes I won’t be in the mood for WoW, but i still love it. For what it is, for how it changed my gaming experience <3.

    Kinda like your first love- you may not be kissing him/her but they may of changed your outlook forever!

    Love how you wrote this btw, lmao. Like talking about a lover.

  • Oh krizzlybear — Pokemon = my love for life too.

    Its my biggest love, I don’t play it much atm, but I always play the handheld games and love to talk about it sometimes.

    I mean, we’ve all got thingsd that effected our childhood slightly, we should all celebrate it instead of pretending we’re too old to be deep and thoughtful.

    Im going to do it, I LOVE POKEMON! I love WORLD OF WARCRAFT. I LOVE CAPS!

    Long comment made short, great post Syrana! rofl.

  • I only have time for WoW and Second Life. You can argue about whether or not SL is a game, but it eats time like one.

    Tell you the truth, I *don’t* have time for those. And both are poor substitutes for my true gaming love, paper-and-pencil RPGs. Specifically First Edition AD&D, though Fourth is close.

  • I’m a multigamer. I go through patches of dedication to one MMO over all others, but as a whole, I multigame.

    It’s actually rather amusing you posted this now, as it’s a different take on something I tried to express quite recently myself, that loss of feeling of absolute adoration for your MMO of choice.

    I find it interesting, though, that you’ve been able to recapture it so successfully with Aion. I am also curious how long it will last! Not to be a party pooper, but I suspect it won’t persist for quite so long.

    This is my attempt at saying some of these things from just a couple of days ago:

  • @Krizzlybear – Aww, you are still attached to your first gaming sweetheart. And I think WoW is getting more used to the idea of being a mistress.

    @Vulpina – I’m glad to help you feel less guilty about your gaming affair. It’s more normal than one might think. And, only tell the guild when the time is right. Not everyone’s family knows they are a swinger. 😉

    @Psynister – I know others that are monogamous with their gaming as well. I tried it, and I just can’t force myself to be something I’m not. I just hope WoW continues to treat you right. 🙂

    @Becca – That’s one downside of playing the gaming field, it can get expensive. Although, as long as I have 2 MMOs occupying my time, I’m less likely to spend money on console games.

    @Kromus – We are indeed impacted by the games we’ve loved and lost. And it’s wonderful that there is such a variety. Although, I really do miss the old action adventure style PC games I used to play when I was younger. *sigh*

    @Frijona – Oh no! It sounds like your macbook is a little controlling… 😛

    @MoodylonerDK – I’ve never really gotten to experience P&P, although we did recently pick up some D&D books. I’ve even been tempted by checking out LARPing, but there’s no way I have time for that!

    @Naithin – Well, truth be told, while Aion has really captured my attention… it still can’t replace WoW for me. I find them to be good compliments to each other though. There I things I love about each and I’m less likely to experience boredom when I switch between them.

    I do hope the feeling lasts… I don’t want Aion to be another one night stand. But your curiosity is valid. Hell, I think we all wonder that a bit with a new game anyway. I’m still shocked at how long WoW has held my attention!

  • *nod* That mirrors my experiences with AC1 (my first MMO) after a few years with it. I still hearted it to death, but I needed breaks. For me though, at the time it wasn’t another MMO, it was Diablo 2 that filled my time. ((As an aside, it was about a sentance ago that I realised what an effect twittering is having on me, as I began to think to myself, ‘Oh crap, over the character limit!’))

    I liked it well enough, and it grabbed my attention to be sure, but it was no replacement. I am actually really struggling now to try and recall what WAS the actual replacement in the end.. Memories of those years are kind of all jumbled, since for the last 2-3 years of actually playing AC at all, I did so in a fairly predictable on again/off again pattern..

    You know? .. I don’t think anything really /did/ replace it. I just sort of stopped answering it’s calls and we drifted apart. WoW has without question had the most time invested into it since.. Like.. a LOT of time.. So maybe that counts?

    Odd. Really odd to not know exactly what replaced my first MMO love!


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