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Yarr, the gold be cursed fer yer own safety.
Yarr, the gold be cursed fer yer own safety.

Today marks the beginning of Hallow's End.  There's fun to be had with wands, masks, candy, flying brooms, and Headless Horsemen.

But the best part? Gold Coins.  Mmmm.

Besides being part of the meta-achievement for What A Long Strange Trip It's Been, Hallow's End has lots of fun achievements.  Prior to Blizzard's introduction of achievements, Hallow's End was my favorite in-game holiday.  (Then again, I kinda like the RL version as well.)

You might also remember how much I enjoy the Midsummer Fire Festival.  Now, besides the fun and casual activities that Hallow's End and the Midsummer Fire Festival provide… they also provide good opportunities for your toons to profit.

That's right!  Level 80's not only get candy when they stick their hands into candy buckets, they also get gold!

Not level 80 yet? (or have an army of alts?) Great! They can get experience from chasing their sugar high.

Not sold on making money from trick or treating yet?  Let's do some math… *rubs forehead* Ow, this is gonna hurt!

Step 1: Find bucket.  Step 2: ???  Step 3: Profit!
Step 1: Find bucket. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit!

Alright, let's see…

6 gold and 63 silver for each candy bucket (at level 80).

Eastern Kingdoms has 16 candy buckets.

16 * 6.63 =  106.08

Kalimdor has 17 candy buckets.

17 * 6.63 = 112.71

Outland has 14 candy buckets.

14 * 6.63 = 92.82

So just from old Azeroth and Outland, candy bucks can result in 311 gold and 61 silver. And we're talking real gold coins.  Not those gold foil wrapped chocolate ones.

You know, I don't know how many Northrend has yet.  They aren't listed on the achievements, and I like hitting up the old world, then Outland, and THEN Northrend when doing holidays like this.  You could do this in one day or stretch it out as you see fit.  But, it's basically free gold.  It just takes a little bit of flight and running time – with 2 weeks to do it in!

… you know… I wish there was a way to steal candy from the Alliance…

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  • While 300g sounds like a lot, when you consider the time it takes to get it all, it’s not as impressive. But, perhaps people could have fun along the way and therefore it would be worth it. Nah, fun is unacceptable.

  • I found 15 candy barrels in Northrend plus 3 without the quest icon. This is Alliance only, don’t have a high level Horde. I posted the list on our guild website (Gardeners of Glineas on Runetotem).

    Howling Fjord
    Westguard Keep
    Fort Wildevar
    Cantrips & Crows
    A Hero’s Welcome
    Wintergarde Keep
    Wyrmrest Temple
    Moa’ki Harbor
    Star’s Rest
    Borean Tundrea
    Valiance Keep
    Fizzcrank Airstrip
    Storm Peaks
    Bouldercrag’s Refuge

    Not working – candy bucket but no quest
    Sholazar Basin – Nesingway Camp
    Zul’Drak – The Argent Stand
    Grizzly Hills – Amberpine Lodge

  • Hehe, well — I like the exp it gives too.

    For a level 30 it gave me about half a bar, which is a nice boost when you accidently run into one, not worth doing it on purpose though.

    still better than nothing, eh.

  • @Kleps – I know fun is unacceptable, so only the most serious should complete the candy bucket circuit… it they dare! Bwahaha! >:)

    But seriously, the amount of time wasn’t really that bad, especially if someone is looking for a break from the “usual grind.”

    @Frijona – I’m not the best at earning gold via AH. I pretty much make it from questing/dailies. I figure sometimes people forget that the events can offer up a bit of change, even if they’ve already completed the achievement a previous year. 🙂

    @Shadowspawnd – Thanks for the Alliance list! I probably should try to keep track of the Horde locations in Northrend when I do that circuit.

    @Kromus – On purpose, on accident – either way it’s worth checking out especially if you want to mix up your routine a bit. 🙂

  • MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm… gold foil wrapped chocolate coins 🙂

    At level 74, they were giving off 10,400 xp each. To heck with the gold! Use it to level up some toons! 2 hours = 600k + exp!


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