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Generation 2: Aerissa and Caleb

While Aerissa was letting out her emotions at her father's grave, someone else crept into the cemetery.

The ghost of her father, Brian, played a classic trick on Aerissa by sneaking up behind her and scaring the crap out of her.  After Aerissa got over the initial shock, she was fascinated that she could see him…talk to him…and interact with him!

She told him about some technological advances that have occurred since his death, such as CDs.  Brian decided it wasn't worth reminding her that he didn't die that long ago.

They talked for hours in the cemetery.  Aerissa shared the woes the family has been going through.  She also told him all about his grandchildren.  Brian agreed he would have to sneak up on Syrana the next time she comes to work at the mausoleum.  The longer they talked, the better she felt.

Inevitably she had to ask about the night he died, and what the Grim Reaper is really like.  Aerissa explained that no one, at least his children, were clear on what happened that night.  Brian assured her it was an accident and that he was electricuted while trying to fix the broken and leaking dishwasher.

He started to lecture her on the dangers of tinkering while standing in puddles, but stopped himself.  Instead, he educated her on how to tell how someone has passed away based on their ghost color.  Aerissa pondered this and a few other things before asking if he could come to the house.  Unfortunately, Brian was bound to the cemetery; however, he could communicate with most anyone that visited in the evenings… he could only come out at night.

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  • “She told him about some technological advances that have occurred since his death, such as CDs. Brian decided it wasn’t worth reminding her that he didn’t die that long ago.”

    Lol ^^
    I had an evil Sim who was desperate to see the ghost of a dead relative, she never popped up. Despite him being quite happy wandering round the graveyard he was terrified of the mauseleum. Huh, go figure.

    Also loved that he enjoyed forum trolling.

  • @Jaedia – Hehe, I love watching their chat bubbles and coming up with their conversations. And that mausoleum! It’s a scaaaary place *shudders*


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