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Sideshow and I have an announcement.  We feel it is time to share this news with everyone (and I suspect it will further explain my hiatus and reduced posting beyond all the work hullabaloo).

We are -or rather, I am- expecting.  For those of you that are still confused: I'm knocked up, preggers, with child, etc.

That's right, there was a reason for all the cutesy screenshots lately.  Now, just mix the two photos together from last week, and if it creates something adorable… that will be our child.

I am sorry to have kept this secret until now, but what perfect timing… to end the first (and scariest) trimester just as Children's Week begins.  No, this doesn't mean I'll stop gaming or blogging.  Just, those things will be more sporadic than in the past, understandably so.  And, no, I won't turn this into a mommy-to-be blog.  (Although, don't be surprised at some baby updates along the way.  No fussin' either.  These hormones can't be controlled once the rage rises.  Got it?)

Oh right, we need a screenshot…

I know, it's hard to decipher this thing.  Heck, it's tough for me and it's my baby's first screenshot! (Well, it is a screenshot…)  The big round part is NOT the baby, it's the yolk sac.  The tiny little blur between the arrows is the baby at 6 weeks.  We're 6 more beyond that and it has grown, but we haven't had a new ultrasound yet.  We did hear the heartbeat for the first time this week though!


Anywho, yes, in another 8ish weeks we'll be having another ultrasound so we can tell if we're having a Horde or Alliance baby.  At that time we'll be able to tell if the baby is wielding a battle axe or simply wearing a sissy robe.

Also, I realize this baby has been created by a Blood Elf and a Forsaken.  Let the Undead baby jokes commence!

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  • Congratulations! I hope this means both of you have figured out how this happens, so you can keep the results to a number you can handle 🙂

    I only say this because, even after I thought I had it figured out, I got married and oops, had one more. 7 is a tough number to wrangle.

    In no time I’ll bet you have that little one taking away your Wii controller or your mouse from you and playing your games better than you do. My four year old has mastered Just Dance and the many Facebook games my older kids play. I have high hopes for setting her on a farming path in WoW very, very soon…

  • Congratulations!!

    My wife and I went through it all recently (our baby is 5 1/2 weeks old…)

    I’ll keep praying for you for a healthy and happy baby 🙂

  • @Daewin – Thanks!

    @Shawndra – Oh my, 7 would be a handful! We’re aiming for two, so we’ll try this whole complicated dance ritual one more time after this 😛 And I’m sure our lil one will be a gamer… maybe we’ll have 3 generations of WoW players at the same time! (My parents, us, and the lil one) haha!

    @Kaethir – Thanks and congratulations to you as well!

    @Sprink – Thanks! I love it, even if it is a gray blur. 😀

  • May the fel energies flow forth and create a child that will astound every person it comes in contact with.

  • What wonderful news! You know, we’ll insist on updates like…Baby’s first non-combat pet…baby’s first time wiping a group…baby’s first time leading a raid…baby’s first time farming for mommy while she’s doing the dishes…

    Just normal stuff like that of course. Nothing outrageous like crawling, walking, or saying “For the Horde”. =P

    Such wonderful news though! I’m so happy for you both! 🙂

  • @Hasteur @Ravonbrand @Softi – Thanks! 😀

    @Cait – Those sound like great post ideas!

    @Gnomey – Definitely a heavy metal gamer baby. 😉

    @Grimmtooth – Thanks!

    @Zelmaru – Haha, I wish we coulda seen this lil one with a tail. But then we mighta started to think we were having a Tauren. And I love the onesie… I’m sure we’ll be getting it. 😀

  • Congratulations! I’m sure the lil one will be every bit as cute as Mr Wiggles and run around and make mischief like Egbert 🙂

  • @Tart @Kbim @Angelya @Deekow – Thanks! 😀 (And I do hope this lil one is a hordie… haha) Oh, and Deekow, you KNOW this kid will be playing Rock Band!

  • Nothing like seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time. Many congrats to the both of you. Sending positive thoughts and vibes. Here’s hoping you have a healthy, restful, and fabulous pregnancy.

    You know you can rent Hear Doppler aka Baby Monitor that will let you hear the babies heartbeat. I had one of those with my daughter. You can hear their heartbeat at 8 weeks of age.

  • Congratulations to you both!

    I wonder if there is a tailoring pattern hidden somewhere for diapers? You’ll need to make a ton of those before the baby gets here!

  • @Moondancer – Yeah, it was a relief to see the ultrasound and a whole jumble of indescribable feelings of joy. It was sooo awesome hearing the heartbeat the first time from the doctor’s doppler stethescope. I hope we get to hear it each visit 🙂

    @Fuu – Thanks! Haha I’m wonderin’ if this lil one will take after me or not. I hope so. A baby is a great way to bring in more souls.. *ponder*

    @Anea – I think I’ll buy them off the auction house. I don’t want to think about farming those mats! 😀

    @Keredria – Thanks! 🙂

  • @Syrana,
    They usually do check the heatbeat each visit. If they don’t, ask! 🙂 I also asked for an ultrasound each visit, and got it. I kept all the pics of my sweet baby as she progressed. : )

    Initially I had a doctor but swapped to a midwife, had my daughter naturally at a Birth Center. Now you have me thinking of my daughter as a littlekins.

    I kept a pregnancy journal too ( I wrote in it daily.) I’m giving that to my daughter when she’s older.

  • I’d love more frequent ultrasounds, but the cost deters me. 🙁 I have a pregnancy journal too… but I wish I would have looked at more before getting this one. It has interesting development information for each day, but not much room for me to write. It had some questions at the beginning… I’m kinda disappointed in it now compared to what I wanted it to be.

  • Hmm wonders if it’s the same type of preggo journal I had? I had one of those too, and you’re right not too much info. Initially I was going to use that but ended up purchasing a regular diary and writing in that instead. 🙂


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