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Today's “Screenshot Sunday” format is an homage to the cuddliest gnome there ever was.

Yes, you read that right…. my inner gnome.  I figured one of the best ways to confront my fear of gnomes was to  face them head on.  Attempt to be one of them… observe, study, assimilate, and come up with some crazyhappy ending.

Actually, it was all for the celebrity photo op.

While I was in the chatroom during the live recording of TNB's “Hordie with a D,” Gnomer was also present.  And lo and behold, he confirmed that he was logged into WoW as well!

So I did what any sensible fangirl would do.


I logged into WoW and created a character on his server.  A mini version of Syrana, warlock and all.  At the time, Gnomer was on Squidly finishing up a dungeon run.  He invited me into his exclusive penthouse guild.  I was in awe.

Then it was time to run my little beehind all the way to Ironforge, for that was where we would come together for photos and autographs.  Along the way, I stopped at Kharanos to open my mail.  There were several crates with holes punched in them.  My pets had safely arrived!


While I was busy cracking the crates open, this naughty little rogue whispered “lol.”  If you ask me, it takes some extra work to whisper someone you don't know just to “lol” at them, and that's usually because you are trying to be a jerk.  So I ask him what he finds so funny.  Apparently he thought my achievements were great stand-up material.

But, my sarcasm escaped him.


And he tried to communicate something back at me, but my brain had trouble processing and rearranging his letters at first.  But, since he was being a little dbag, I had to ask… I mean, what inspired that name?

Again, he seemed confuzzled and had nothing to say to me after that.


After I finally ran my little legs the rest of the way to Ironforge, Forthepie arrived.  Squidly was done with his tasks and switched to Gnomeaggedon.  We partied up, because… well, we were going to party.

But Gnomer was getting attacked by the lagmonster.  I was afraid that he was a lie….

Triple gnome action. Rawr~

But he eventually made his way to us!

I can see up his robe... and yes, his staff is quite large!

Once I got over the initial stun of being within Gnomer's presence, I swooned.  The fawning and posturing commenced… and more photos!

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to visit (oofta the time difference is not easy for me to keep track of!) but I shall try to return to GnomeaggedonLand here ‘n there.

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They've been gaming together since they met in 2002. Sometime after 2006, they both started playing World of Warcraft and did that for many years. They started this blog, originally called Sideshow & Syrana which has now transitioned to the new Stay-At-Home Gamers site, while keeping all of the original content.

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