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I enjoy music, as most of you know, so I thought I'd post a song everyday during the week using my station and tweet it at the same time (if you wanted to follow at home.) Every week, I'll recap my choices and write a little blurb about them.

Hopefully, it's a good chance to hear some new music (or old music) and get my take on it. I do tend to lean towards Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, so most songs will probably be in that general area, but I will veer from time to time. I know music is very much like religion and politics, so I'm not pushing anything onto you. If you don't like something, I respect that. But, if you do, I'm more than happy to get you more info on it, just let me know.

Most entries will have a Wikipedia and Last.FM link at the end for you to get more information and listen to other songs at your leisure.


Godsmack – Faceless – Godsmack is just plain and simple, good ol' hard rock. They rarely do any fancy technical instrumental work. Good music to bang your head or tap your foot to. The fact that Sully Erna has one of the best, most powerful rock voices just adds to it. “Faceless” is probably one of my favorites along with “Vampires” but that is an instrumental. [ Wikipedia | ]


Testament – The Evil Has Landed – I actually just recently started listening to Testament. I've always known they were around, but just never sat down and listened to them. That fact is good and bad. It's bad since I've missed out on some great thrash metal for the last two and a half decades. It's good because I now have a huge selection of music to pick from. This is one off of their newer album and probably not one of the best known, but I love the drumming in it. [ Wikipedia | ]


Corrosion of Conformity – Clean My Wounds – C.O.C. technically has the honor of being the first band I saw in a major concert setting. Metallica was the first big show I saw in February 1997. C.O.C. just happened to be opening for them. I always describe them as heavy metal with a bit of a southern feel to it. This is probably their best known song. While, they are still active, they are currently on hiatus while one of the band members is touring with Down. [ Wikipedia | ]


Slayer – World Painted Blood – Slayer has always been one of the biggest heavy metal bands and one of the “big four” in the 80s. I, personally, never got into them heavily. I respect their music, but it never grabbed me the way other bands had. Though, their latest album is really good and I'm enjoying it. This, which is the title track, is a good kick in the face (if you need one.) I'd also recommend “Americon” from the album. [ Wikipedia | ]


Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction – This is definitely one of the songs I heard in my teens that brought me into the world of heavy metal. A great riff with a good metal crunch and Mustaine's snarling vocals (and a band name that scares your grandma.) I also always liked the fact that Mustaine wrote about the world around him and current events. Also, one of the “big four” along with Slayer, Metallica, and Anthrax. While Mustaine's ego can sometimes get in the way, Megadeth is still definitely one of the best heavy metal bands of all-time. [ Wikipedia | ]

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