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I enjoy music, as most of you know, so I thought I'd post a song everyday during the week using my station and tweet it at the same time (if you wanted to follow at home.) Every week, I'll recap my choices and write a little blurb about them.

Hopefully, it's a good chance to hear some new music (or old music) and get my take on it. I do tend to lean towards Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, so most songs will probably be in that general area, but I will veer from time to time. I know music is very much like religion and politics, so I'm not pushing anything onto you. If you don't like something, I respect that. But, if you do, I'm more than happy to get you more info on it, just let me know.

Most entries will have a Wikipedia and Last.FM link at the end for you to get more information and listen to other songs at your leisure.


Opeth – Burden – What? I started with Opeth last week? I know that. Since last week's song was one of their heavier songs, I thought I'd give you a taste of Opeth's other side. Burden is one of their less heavy songs, but it's also one of their best. Mikael Ã…kerfeldt has a great singing voice and it shows on this song. [ Wikipedia | Last.FM ]


Pantera – I'm Broken – I've always liked Pantera. They were one of the first raw and growly heavy bands that I listened to. Phil Anselmo was loud and growly enough to make the music punch you in the face, but not too much where it just sounded like he was screaming. Good teenage angst music without all of that emo baggage. Sadly, the band fell apart many years ago and then any type of possible reunion died (too early) along with Dimebag Darrell in 2004. [ Wikipedia | ]


Epica – Unleased – Epica is one of the more popular symphonic metal bands around today. For some reason, I really enjoy the melding of heavy metal music, a strong female vocalist, and some strings here and there. Add a splash of growling vocals and a great variety of moods and you've got some good music. Singer Simone Simons' (say that three times fast) superb vocals on top of the heavy music is a strange mix, but it works really well. Had a chance to see them in Milwaukee last week, but we didn't make it.  Hopefully they return soon. [ Wikipedia | ]


Slipknot – Psychosocial – I've never been a huge fan of Slipknot, though I've respected their music. This last album captured my attention and I'm really enjoying it. Syrana seems to enjoy it also since I always hear her singing it. My interest was initially piqued when this and another song were available for download in Rock Band. It is definitely one of the more fun-to-play songs on drums. Anyone not aware of Slipknot, do not be alarmed by the creepy clown people in the pictures. [ Wikipedia | ]


Coheed and Cambria – Welcome Home – This is another band I probably would have never heard if it wasn't for Rock Band. Welcome Home was included in the first version of the game. It's not exactly Heavy Metal, but it's got a nice crunch to it and some catchy riffs. Granted, not all C&C songs are like Welcome Home, but they are very talented. I think it's unique that all of their albums are concept albums based on the storyline in a comic book series written by the singer. It's an interesting idea. [ Wikipedia | ]

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  • I liked “Welcome Home” when I first heard it in the trailer for 9. Then I stopped liking it when I found the whole song. I would like Coheed and Cambria more if they had a better singer. Most of the songs of theirs I’ve heard, the vocals just ruin it for me.

  • Another excellent tracklist. It always seems that some of a heavy metal group’s best songs are the soft ones. I particularly enjoy Coheed and Cambria. Initially I was like Samodean, but I since learned that their albums are all one huge story in song form, which is awesome. Apparently they made a comic about it, too.


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