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Before I dive into this next segment, I want to take a moment to explain the jump in screenshots and story we may be experiencing over the next few posts.

You see, when I first started playing Sims 3, I was very excited at the newness of it all and was playing a lot… but not taking nearly as many screenshots as I should have been.  Well, “should have” might not be the right phrase.  I wasn't really thinking of piecing together this story at the time, so I just took random screenshots here and there.  There are some gaps, then waaay too many of the same party, etc.

Once I get these posts caught up to where I am playing in the game (we are getting there quicker than you might think, especially since I've slowed my playing in order to try and get caught up!) then I'll be able to make some better decisions on what I take shots of.  That should hopefully help move the story along better down the road.

I hope.

The other thing is that in the beginning of this family I was playing on the extended lifespan.  This allowed for me to get a lot done with all of my sims before their birthdays.  Eventually, though, I wanted to get moving along with the story and generations, so I scaled the lifespan back to normal.

I'll shush now and let you enjoy this next segment!

If you are just joining us or looking for a refresher the entire series can be found here.

Generation 2: Aerissa, Xander, and Caleb

With both Xander and Caleb in their teenage years, Aerissa was able to enjoy more peace and quiet without the boys at home.  Being an idealistic young adult, she began to explore who she was and do a lot of self-reflection.  The more she wrote, the more she wanted to paint and vice versa.  Aerissa felt that the only way to truly be in touch with her inner self was to explore her creativity.

She had already decided that she wanted to be a well known author as well as a well known painter.  In fact, she wanted to be able to illustrate her own books.  However, on her journey of self-discovery she started experimenting with painting styles.  Currently, she is quite fascinated with illusionist paintings.

Aerissa illusion painting

Being the supportive older sister that she is, Aerissa also made time to go and listen to Xander play guitar in the park.  What she hadn't anticipated was meeting Brenden.  He intrigued her.  He was flirty, sweet, ambitious, and musically talented.  Not only could he play the guitar, but he could sing too.  What Aerissa didn't know yet was that he was a bit of a lost soul and a bit emotional.

She started going to the park more frequently along with Xander in the hopes of seeing Brenden again.  She worked up the courage to strike up a conversation with him one evening while he packed up his guitar.  They seemed to hit it off and started dating.  Aerissa was on cloud nine, being swept off her feet by Brenden serenading her not only at the park, but in her home as well as he rarely went anywhere without his guitar.

Brenden visits and serenadesBefore long, it seemed as though they were inseparable.  If Aerissa wasn't at work at the bookstore and Brenden wasn't playing a gig, they were together.  Darcy was a bit surprised because she hadn't pegged Brenden as Aerissa's type.  In Darcy's opinion, Brenden wasn't as intellectually driven as Aerissa, but their passion for the arts were well matched.  It was only a matter of time before they took their relationship to the next level…

aerissa and brenden frisky on couch(Yes, that is Darcy in the kitchen, seemingly oblivious to Aerissa and Brenden getting frisky on the couch in the living room.)

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