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If you are just joining us or looking for a refresher: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

When exactly does this move from Generation 1 to Generation 2?  Well, I think once Aerissa reaches adulthood, we'll consider the story to be focused on Generation 2.

Generation 1: Darcy and Brian (continued)

Darcy and Brian are both getting older, having reached their adult years.  They are no longer young adults, newly married, or the like.  They have both become well established in their respective positions, although they both continue to have high aiming ambitions to reach the top of their professions.

The children are doing well.  Aerissa continues to paint and has started writing some children's books, which she illustrates herself.  At first, Darcy and Brian were concerned that she was working too hard outside her schoolwork for such a young age, but Aerissa's grades are tip top.  Xander's too!  They both consistently make the honor roll.

Caleb is growing like a weed himself.  He quickly learned to walk; faster than he learned to use the potty chair or talk!  It's been an adjustment for Xander to share his room with a toddler, but his sweet disposition has made the transition fairly smooth.

teenage aerissaHow quickly the children grow up.  Aerissa has entered the next stage of her life: adolescence.  The transition to high school was fairly smooth.  Aerissa's grades dropped a little as she adjusted to her new surroundings, but it was not long before she was back on the honor roll.  The homework was tougher and the teachers were trickier.

Aerissa, never one to like idle time, begged Darcy and Brian to allow her to get a part-time job after school.  At first, Darcy and Brian protested, wanting her home to watch over her younger brothers.  Eventually, they agreed.  Aerissa was very excited and was able to get hired at the local bookstore.

family dinnerWhile mundane, their lives were never exactly boring.  Darcy and Brian worked hard to provide for their children and spent as much time with them as possible.  Aerissa was a bright and talented girl, who often helped Xander with his homework.  Caleb was still developing into his own personality, but seemed to be very fond of the outdoors.

grim reaper - brian passesOne weekend, the Zalewski family's household was turned upside down.  Brian had always tinkered with things around the house, wanting to make improvements.  Unfortunately, the dishwasher turned out to be his arch nemesis.  He'd been putzing around with the stove when he heard the sizzle of the dishwasher behind him.

Seeing the smoke, but not the growing puddle of water, he started to work on the dishwasher.  Darcy and the children were alarmed by the flickering lights and the yelp from the kitchen.  The electricity flowed through his body not once, but twice, as he was unable to let go of his wrench.

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  • I wonder if Darcy and Brian live on the same electic circuit that my Waters family do? I’ve lost two members of my house hold to electrocution this week alone – one to the TV, the other to a Dishwasher. That’s one week Sim time – 24 hours for me lol.

  • What’s sad is that I didn’t realize how vulnerable he would be after the first electrocution… I just had him return to work…. >.>


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