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Welcome to the 2nd Sims Saturday.  Last week we explored Sim Syrana's traits and I justified them as being warlocky enough to represent WoW Syrana.  But, I now have further evidence of Sim Syrana being truly evil.

sims syr glow inthedarkShe glows.


In the dark.

And apparently in the house too.  The effect seems random.  I have not discovered any sort of discernible pattern as to when it will appear.  At first, I thought it was the result of a science experiment gone wrong within the house.  But then, I connected it to Syrana's evil trait and her evil criminal career.  And not just her career, but having reached the top of The Organization.

So, since Syrana is the Empress of Evil, it causes her to glow red from time to time.  It does not create a moodlet (a buff or debuff that affects her mood and/or needs) for her or for Sims around her.

But, it does affect relationships.  At the present time, the ONLY people that Syrana likes in her household, are her two children.  And they are the only ones that like her back.

Ghost Grandfather Brian = Dislike

Twin Sister Summer = Dislike

Nephew Austin = Dislike

Wait, who is she talking to? Who's that kid? Why is she in her nighty?
Wait, who is she talking to? Who's that kid? Why is she in her nighty?

Having Syrana and her twin sister disliking each other was just a matter of time (and took longer than I thought it would) because Summer has the Good trait.  I really started to notice the deterioration of the household relationships around the time Syrana began to glow.  She always had some struggles with getting along with others, especially family, but they just can't seem to stand her when all anyone can see is red.

You know what? We really should backtrack this family legacy and start at the beginning, shouldn't we?

*imagines heads bobbing up and down in agreement*

Yeah, I thought so.

Next Saturday will begin the history lesson and we'll work our way up to where Empress Syrana stands now.

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  • Interesting, and cool! I didn’t know they glowed red, although I vaguely remember reading something about it when I was looking down the evil path.

  • At first, I really thought it was the result of one of the science experiments gone wrong. xD I haven’t read anything about anyone else glowing yet… or having some other interesting visual to coincide with a career/trait matchup that identifies them to others. It will be interesting to see if there are any others!


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