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Ok, so this isn't an evil post nor an evil challenge.  But we've been double-tagged by Byaghro and Davlin for this screenshot meme!  Thankfully there's a Sideshow and a Syrana to double the fun! … or something.

So this meme was blasted into the WoW blogosphere by Maiara.  It's been spreadin' like wildfire, which is cool and certainly fun!  We've learned some things about our fellow bloggers like: Can they take good pictures? Can they take 'em at all? Do they keep them? Do they organize them?

The challenege has now made its way here, and as you can see, Sideshow posted his up first.

So the rules are to select your sixth screenshot from your sixth subfolder, post it up, write something about it, and then tag six more bloggers.

Well, Syrana is going to take you for a little bit of a ride and use one of Byaghro's tricks since I don't have subfolders within my screenshot folder.  I'm going to post #6 and #36 from my main screenshot folder (post-Wrath) AND #6 and #36 from my backed up screenshot folder (pre-Wrath, since I had to do a complete reinstall for Wrath).  Of course, I've moved some things around and renamed shots, but let's see what we get!  (But since I took a slew of screenies recently with having guild events, I'm going to have it sort by date with oldest on top.  Well, I always take a lot of screenshots…like…A LOT.)

Post-Wrath #6

Well, this one is Syrana after reaching Vengence Landing in Howling Fjord.  She was showing off her Wrath Collector's Edition pet, Frosty.

Post-Wrath #36

Here is Syrana and Sideshow, helping out the Tuskarr.  And, of course, this was a Blizzard WoWiversary as evidenced by the two cute bears!

Pre-Wrath #6

A scenic shot of Thunder Bluff as I was coming in to land.  I am almost positive this was when I was playing my second character ever created, Inawen.  She was a Tauren Hunter on Eitrigg.

Pre-Wrath #36

And here is my hunter, Aly, but back in the days when she sported the RP story namesake of Aerissa.  The way she is dressed indicates I was awaiting RP, since she is in her first set of RP clothes!  Aerissa loved to ponder and daydream near the fountains in Silvermoon.

And the challenges go to…. *drum roll*  Killing 'em Slowly, Fear.Win, Deekow, Antics in Azeroth, InspiredOgre, Shock and Paw!  Have at it! 😉

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