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Goals not GHOULS!

Yes, finally, I've stopped procrastinating and made a list of some goals for this year.  I didn't do a resolution post because 1- my resolution was to have no resolutions this year and (:P) 2- we were a bit too new of a blog (imo) to post one right after the new year.  I mean, what a boring list for me to share when no one knows who we are?

Oh wait….

*Looks back and forth*

No one knows who we are.

Well, ok, a handful of you do. <3

Alright, on with the list!  Please note, these are not ranked in order of priority.  The first 3 might seem like that, but that's just the order things flowed out of my brain and into this list.

  1. Syrana will reach level 80. Pretty self-explanatory, I guess, so let me explain it.  Get my main to 80.  Be one of the few, the proud: A Level 80 Warlock.  Once I accomplish that, it would probably be a good time to take another look at the Warlock population.
  2. Alynedarra will reach level 80. As my ex-main but #1 alt, we want to get her there.  Honestly, this shouldn't be too difficult since she's at 74 as of last night.
  3. Another alt (yet to be determined) will reach level 80. And we really won't know which one that will be until it happens.  I have my guesses and hopes, but the way I bounce around on leveling alts, you just never know who #3 will be!
  4. Syrana will collect Stinker and Little Fawn. They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine.  Little Fawn will be dependent on Patch 3.0.8 for the next step in the mini-pet collection achievements.
  5. Syrana will obtain an albino drake mount. I should probably start with getting the Netherwing drake first, huh? I'm sitting at revered…
  6. Syrana will became a true Ambassador. Syrana already has the unofficial title within the guild, as do the other 2 main guilding recruiters.  But I want to really have it.  This should progress nicely alongside the mount acquisition!
  7. Syrana will reach expert fishing. This is so hard for me to level.  I'm not quite sure why, but it is.   So, I'm try to be realistic and not beat myself senseless with a barbed gill trout.
  8. Syrana will become a Loremaster and an Explorer. Can this list make it any more obvious that I'm an achievement whorde?
  9. I will complete RockBand 2's solo vocal tour on expert. This might be harder than you think… First, it will take away WoW time.  Second, I usually play it with Sideshow and not alone.  Third, I'm usually singing at medium or hard difficulty.  So, we'll see!
  10. Our band, We Have Heads, will complete the Endless Setlist in Rockband 2. We never tackled it in the original Rockband, although we unlocked it about 5 times over.  So now, I'd really like to do it.  Rough that one of the most difficult (according to Rockband's rating system) songs, Painkiller by Judas Priest, is at the end of the setlist (of 80+ songs).  But if I can master that one on my solo expert tour, then we'll be safe.  I think…

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  • Loremaster is the only title I want… *sigh* so many quests.

    Did I ever mention that my Rock Band drum set sits next to me while I play for random beatings… Sadly, it is unplugged as my band broke up due to creative differences (read: time issues). Love the game though!

  • @Wise Fox

    I’ve heard that quest chain is a bit intensive. Much easier for me to grind dailies for gold. Good luck and I hope you get it soon!


    Indeed Loremaster has a TON of quests. I think it’s easier in Outland and Northrend because we get to see a better break down of the amount of quests per zone. And regarding your unused (other than for random beatings!) drum set… if you have RB for Xbox 360 you could jam with us on occassion! 😉

  • They have left the quest in as an option, but it’s now purchasable from trainers as flight form was. You just need to have 5000g riding skill…which I don’t…

  • Painkiller on expert :-O Honestly there are some harder songs, I personally fail out about 2/3 of the way through expert. When the game is like 3x harder than a real guitar, something is wrong.

    Do you guys play drums? I heard thats the real pain (no pun intended in painkiller).

  • @Fish

    Sideshow is the drummer. I’m lucky to do warmup songs on easy. Good thing I have a voice (sorta) and nimble fingers for guitar/bass!

    And he doesn’t like Painkiller too much on drums… can’t say I blame him.


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