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Well, hello.  Remember me?



No? Ah well.  It was bound to happen.  I mean, I did go rogue ‘n all (as in not around.. I'm still a warlock through ‘n through.)

I'm getting more and more hands free moments now that our daughter is about 9 weeks old.  She sure is a snuggle bug.  I forsee Cataclysm in my future… maybe February-ish?

Just don't hold your breath.

Unless you're Undead.  Then it shouldn't matter either way.

My focus for most of this year has certainly been on the impending arrival of my daughter and now the afterparty.  But that doesn't mean NO gaming for me… just a shift in what I'm able to squeeze in.

I kinda hate to admit it, but for the past month or so, I've been really hitting the Facebook games.  I'm really liking CityVille right now.  I can't help it… they are easy to play one handed on the laptop while holding babygirl.

Gotta do whatcha gotta do, amirite?

As Sideshow mentioned in his last post, we got a Kinect.  I really wanted Dance Central and Kinectimals …. so we have both of those.  I was surprised that Sideshow tried Dance Central first.

He's right, it's pretty impressive the way it tracks your body.  It's been quite a long time since I've done any real booty shakin' so turning my living room into a club has been great.

It's also a nice little workout since it's winter here in Wisconsin… which means I'm cooped up in the house… no nice stroller walks for a few more months.

I haven't gotten to play it a lot yet, but I've mastered the first song so far.  That's right.. 5 stars on hard on Poker Face, baby.



Hey, metal songs aren't made for choreographed dancing, ‘k? Gimmie a break!

The songlist is awesome with some old school favorites like Brickhouse, Funkytown, Push It, Bust A Move, Rumpshaker, C'mon Ride the Train… as well as newer stuff like Poker Face, Can't Get You Out of My Head…. (seriously, that song is very appropriately named).

You have the option to “Break It Down” so you can learn the dance moves before performing the song.  Moving up to medium adds a couple more moves and hard adds in a few more as well.  You can also “Slow It Down” to help learn and nail the move if you aren't passing it.

We had some friends over for New Year's Eve last night, and played Dance Central (as well as Rock Band).  Wow, was that a lot of fun! And little Miss Aerissa seems to like watching people dance (mommy included).

It is nice that you can't fail out of a song though.  You can dance very badly and it will still go through til the end.  Last night, I witnessed someone getting only 1 star.  So, it really is possible.

(He's more of a singer than a dancer as you can see here and here…he's such a good sport, I tell ya.  Gotta love friends like this!)

You can also do dance battles – had one of those last night too.

I'll be back relatively soon to tell you about Kinectimals.  I promise.

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Sharing is caring!


  • I know you have a Wii. Have you tried Just Dance yet? They released number 2 just before the holidays, and the kids and I are having a blast playing it.

  • Glad to hear you’re still kickin’. Hope to see ya in Cata soon, but good to know you’re not totally slacking on your games. Though, facebook gaming loses you ‘lock points I hear… 😀

  • @Shawndra – No, I haven’t tried Just Dance. I’m glad you are having fun with it! 🙂

    @Fulg – Thanks! No worries, I’ll redeem myself soon enough.. I hope. I dunno… this lil spawn has softened me some 😛


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