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Alright, so we're still in open beta right now, but I still get altitis.  I guess part of it is, I know my characters are going to get wiped so I don't want to overinvest in them just yet.  Right now, it's sort of like the trial period where I can putz around before making more permanent selections upon live.

And selection dates are coming up fast!

So, primarily I've been playing an Asmodian Spiritmaster.  This is similar to the WoW Warlock, so, y'know, pretty fitting for me.  Can I compare Asmodians to Horde? Meh, not really, no… at least not at this point.  Maybe somewhere down the road I can take a look at lore/war/oppression/whathaveyou parallels or something.

Now, the Asmodians are considered to be the dark, shadowy faction while the Elyos are bright and shiny.


I had to make one just to see it.  But I decided I needed to roll something different, so I went warrior.  The first random face that I got was this:

sweet warriorI'm sorry.  I cannot smash faces with a HEART ON MAH CHEEK.

So, I went with something a little less sweet, yet could easily lure a baddie in to get his face smashed.

not so sweet warriorI really like all this customization.  However, it could very well be my downfall…. I may end up spending waaay too much time creating characters than actually playing them.  >.<  True story, that's what happened with my City of Heroes/Villians trial.  And how I wish I had screenshotted them… /hindsight

leaf umbrellaAnother thing I really like is how your character reacts within the world and to the world.  It started raining in the starting zone, and she was quick to pull out a leaf umbrella.  I didn't even know we had one.  Also, characters will emote based on things you say in chat, which can be entertaining.  So, it is not restricted to JUST emote commands.  But it's great when you are typing something to your party and your character points off into the distance and such.

I also like that when I say “haha” my character giggles and demurely covers her face with a fan.  It's cute.

But then she bashes in your face for even thinking such a thing.

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  • I’m thinking I may NOT go a Spiritmaster. Even though Hunters and Warlocks are my favourite classes in WoW, I’m after something a little different this type. That said, I aint about to play a character with a love heart either lol.

    Sounds like the Asmodians are more my style… evil and dark.

  • I found the leaf umbrella cute for the females, but completely ridiculous when I created a male scout and he did the same damn thing… only he struck this oh so effeminate pose.

    I actually prefer the Asmodian starting area. I’ve run through both several times, and I just prefer it for some reason.

    And I don’t think of them as the Horde equivalent. If you check the lore, it says that they are not evil, they just look that way due to the area of the world in which they live. I found the questing to be of equal nature… neither side really had any “evil” quests.

    That being said, I didn’t do them all and only progressed to early teens on all characters. That’s why I’m saying just the starter quests.


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