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Oh hi there!

What? Oh yes, I know there's been nothing new 'round here for a few days.

You see, sometimes I get a bit distracted…especially by new games.  But not just by any ol' new game – good new games.  Unlike Sideshow, I don't really suffer from game ADD.  Instead, I tend to get hyperfocused on one thing at a time.  That's why my playtime may seem to be monopolized by one particular game for a stretch of time then shift to another.  After the newness wears off, I tend to fall back into a more “normal” multi-game rotation of sorts.

Unfortunately, this hyperfocus can derail other projects I have going.  For example, this past week I've fallen (farther) behind (than usual) on reading other blogs as well as posting.  But hey, we all need mini-breaks here and there, am I right?

At any rate, I thought I'd give a bit of an update as to what's going on in my virtual world(s).  I don't usually write update type of posts, but what the hell… when have I ever followed the rules before?


THE Syrana
THE Syrana

Syrana is still level 80.  Amazing, I know.


Alynedarra is still there as well.  Not many of my alts have seen much love lately.  Syrana is diligently working on Loremaster and the Seeker.  Kalimdor quests are what I'm focusing on right now, and that's going pretty well.  I still have around 140ish more quests before I move on to the Eastern Kingdoms.

Sure, I still need to finish off Outland and Northrend, but I figure those areas will be less affected by the impending Cataclysm.  And trust me, I don't want any sort of earth shattering destruction to stand between me and those achievements.


Oh wait, I haven't played that since the 2nd month after it went live.

Moving on then…


Yet Another Syrana
Yet Another Syrana

Syrana the spiritmaster is at level 20, right there with Sideshow the gladiator.

Pick me! Pick me!
Pick me! Pick me!

Nataliah, my templar, is still a baby at level 10.  I honestly haven't played a lot recently because of the Loremaster focus.  But, we've popped on here and there to do some questing, gathering, and crafting.

Of course I logged on to check out my veteran rewards though!

I think Nataliah will be getting some extra love very soon, because Sideshow is going to be distracted by a plethora of console games.  I don't want Syrana to get too far ahead of him, so I'll be a good wife…for now.

Sims 3

young adult syr
Syrana: One badass Sim

Honestly, I haven't played my sims in a few months.  I almost couldn't believe how long it's been!  I'm trying to get the Sims Saturday Legacy posts caught up to where I am in game.  I still have a-ways to go before that happens.  Of course, this is due to that hyperfocus I mentioned earlier.  When Sims 3 came out, I played it A LOT before slowing it down and deciding to chronicle the stories.

Dragon Age: Origins

Elissa...she doesn't look like the others.
Elissa…she doesn't look like the others.

This is where my focus has been for the past week.  Excellent game.  Excellent story.  And… well, this is going to have it's own post soon enough so I'll just stop there.

What about you? Are you feeling the weight of multi-game madness right now? Anything you are looking forward to coming out (or just came out)?

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  • Like you, I’ve been playing DA:O almost exclusively. It’s been a very, very nice change of pace. Amazing game.

    I have stopped playing Aion however. Which is too bad, as the game has such potential.

  • There are a few quests which count for Kalimdor in Eastern Kingdoms chains, you’ll probably notice a serious lack of Kalimdor quests soon, my priest did (and she never did finish before I rerolled)

    I wish I could go back to Aion, Jaedii my Spiritmaster was closing in on 30 and it was so fun, just couldn’t stand the lag, the spammers and the “lovely” community. Hopefully all 3 of those won’t be a worry in a few months time.

    LOTRO is my other MMO love, tried it for a couple of weeks and loved it. The game play was decent, it was pretty, things were pretty stable, I had a nice guild, nice community. If I ever quit WoW, this will probably be my new game.

    Sims 3 and Dragon Origins aand ah I forgot the name, the game Jack Black voiced, I really want to try! I haven’t played the Sims in years and I’m starting to miss it with my recent addiction to Facebook games. The other 2 just sound too awesome to miss, mind you, I never did finish Fable 2, though Dan did which put me off a little..

  • Pretty interesting to see that you’re managing to play so many different games! When I had my little WoW break I only played AION and after I started WoW again I quit AION D: I wish I were like you! I definitely want to continue my AION main as she’s “already” 25 and recently entered the Abyss and I haven’t figured out all the quests there.

    Whatever, I wish you all the best with your different characters 😀

  • I haven’t logged on to Aion in…well…longer than I should.

    Why? Is it because I dislike the game? Fell out of love with the characters?


    It’s Dragon Age.

    The hubby and I have spent most of the past weekend curled up on the couch with that game. Very fun, very addicting.

    I think Aion has more staying power, in the long run, but I’m enjoying DA, for sure.

  • … I’ve actually been revisiting older games in my times away from WoW. Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics: Advance, Final Fantasy XII, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time… And then there’s the recent desire to play StarCraft again. Between Blizzard and Square, I don’t think I have a part of my soul that is still owned by me. ^_^

  • @Roger – Yeah, Dragon Age is really amazing. I’m really loving the story, although I don’t usually play tactical type games. I’m a huge fan of being able to talk to just about everyone and all the extra sidequesting!

    @Jaedia – I’m hoping I won’t have to hunt too hard for missing quests, but I know as I get closer to the goal they’ll be harder to find. I do have several that are leading to Eastern Kingdoms, so I’m glad to hear some of those will count towards Kalimdor.

    I haven’t had a lot of lag issues in Aion (other than at the beginning) but sometimes we experience some ping spikes. Oddly enough, Sideshow seems to have more issues with that than I do.

    I’m loving Sims 3, so if you liked the past Sims games, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s really nice not having to play everyone in the neighborhood to keep the ages the same! Brutal Legend (the Jack Black one) looks awesome too. We have it, Side’s been playing it but I haven’t yet. And Fable 2 – omg I loved that game. I played it pretty exclusively until I finished it. Hopefully Dan didn’t spoil the ending for you though! (It was sooo hard for me not to spoil it for Side since I finished it first).

    @Miss Medicina – I don’t believe there is an Aion trial at this time. My “trial” was open beta, but I hope they offer one soon so people can check it out before committing to purchasing it. Dragon Age has a downloadable demo through Steam, I believe. (That’s what Side tells me at least) I would HIGHLY recommend trying it! 🙂

    @Nanuki – It’s not always easy balancing multiple games, but I’ve done it for years. Of course, I do have stretches of playing 1 game exclusively, but I like to bounce around a bit… helps me keep things fresh and interesting. Also helps me from burning completely out on games (particularly WoW).

    @Tami – Dragon Age is very captivating, especially right now. I know what you mean about Aion having more staying power (as well as WoW and other games for me) mostly because of my love of a social aspect with gaming. After getting into WoW, it’s been hard for me to stay content with single player games for too long because I get to a point where I miss little things like guild chat.

    @Sprink – Oh no! You should have asked someone to soulstone you first 😛 Revisiting/replaying games can be great for breaks too, definitely. I still return to Harvest Moon (in its various forms) here and there. I had actually taken a small break from WoW to return to Sims 2 before Sims 3 came out… had to reinstall and everything. And sometimes I get the desire to reinstall The Movies to putz around with that too!

  • He didn’t spoil it so much as I turned around and said, “Wow, have you finished already?”
    “Well that’s disappointing.. no more content really?”

    Also, couldn’t play Aion most of the time because of rubberbanding, was too frustrating to enjoy my playtime when that started up.

  • I’m still boring and sticking to WoW only. Dozens of alts, sure. But same game.

    Lus has branched out to DA: O actually – and he likes it well enough, I guess. I think the character creation bit looks very fun but I’ve not been tempted to try it myself. But who knows what may happen later?

  • @Jaedia – Yeah, the rubberbanding is VERY frustrating. Regarding Fable 2, I think it’s pretty quick if you stick to just the main story quests, but I spent a lot of time on sidequests as well. That and marrying like 4 people xD I have yet to check out the DLC we got, since Side got it after I’d completed the story.

    @Anea – You are not boring! There is nothing wrong with loving one game. I’m just… polygamerous 😛 The character creation is pretty fun for DA, but I still think the Aion character creation is more fun. I could spend hours creating/tweaking characters! If you do think there’s any possibility you might try playing DA later, I think you might enjoy the story of it. I already know that once I finish it, I’ll be replaying to see alternate endings.


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