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Ah, yes, we finally hit 78!  And by we, I am referring to Sideshow and Syrana.  I was happy enough reaching level 77 in order to train Cold Weather Flying.  (Oh flyer, how I missed thee…)  But it was certainly nice to reach a nice even number, leaving us with only 2 levels to go!

Why this Pace?

Some may wonder why we have not reached 80 yet.  I mean, what's the hold up, right?  Well, before the Wrath expansion came out, Sideshow and I agreed to level our mains together.  This has it's bonuses for moving through quests and mobs, but also can slow us down on those darn gathering quests.  (You know the ones I'm talking about!)

As much as we'd like to reach 80, we just really wanted to enjoy it and the wonderful new questlines and content.  Plus, there are times when both of us are not playing at the same time… or I'm suffering from alt-itis, but more on that in a moment.  We are both active members of a wonderful guild known as <OI> on Eitrigg, Horde side.  Our guild is considered casual and is very community based.  So, it helps that we aren't feeling pressure to rise quickly to level cap and really enjoying the journey there.

A Little Background

I suppose it'd be helpful to know a bit more about how Syrana came to be and how she came to Eitrigg, even.  (And some previous readers may even notice the new domain name to be more reflective of our mains.)

I started to play WoW quite awhile after Sideshow started.  I never considered it “that damn game” as I've heard some wives and girlfriends refer to it.  But, I did start to get a bit interested in this odd character that would complain of needing more energy and skin his kills.  (Which at first I thought was incredibly creepy.)  So, Sideshow had me start up a 10 day trial to check it out in late October of 2006, after I'd been reading through lore and other tidbits on the official World of Warcraft website.

I started a creepy looking Undead female rogue (I thought being sneaky and deadly sounded cool) named Selairne (oh no, did I even spell that right?) on Eitrigg.  Sideshow rolled an alt to level and help familiarize me with the game.  Then he discovered he couldn't send me any gold or mail, so the next night we bought the game and upgraded my account promptly!

Unfortunately, the rogue class was not fitting my playstyle and she became no more.  I then rolled a Tauren hunter named Inawen.  Inawen reached level 45 or so while I was learning the game and trying out various other classes too.  However, something seemed to be missing for me.  Something… to immerse myself further into Azeroth.

When The Burning Crusade was released, I rerolled a Blood Elf hunter on an RP-PvP server.  I had found a whole new community and playstyle that was interesting to me.  While on that server, I leveled 2 70's (one being my previous main, the hunter, and the second being Syrana) and had a handful of alts that stopped anywhere between level 16-26.

I think I better shorten up this little Syrana history lesson… So after I leveled Syrana, I found the warlock to be MY class.  I really enjoyed it and it really fit my playstyle.  I even raided a bit with her.  Previously, I had mostly solo'ed with an occassional group instance sprinkled in.  Unfortunately, the raiding guild I was in did not match up well with my availability and other various guild drama that was tiring.

Sideshow began to take more breaks from the game and feeling sort of lonely and bored at 70, as was I, since we weren't 70 on the same server.  Then I had some thinking to do and a decision to make… which was to transfer Syrana to Eitrigg.  Let me tell ya, that was an excellent decision on so many levels.  (And perhaps a future post about reasons to transfer or not? We'll see…)

After settling in nicely with <OI>, which Sideshow had been a member of for several months before I transferred, I decided to transfer my other 70 and a couple alts over.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my hunter could not keep her name since it was not available on Eitrigg.

Summary of “Active” Characters

I mentioned alt-itis, alt-fever, alt-whatever-you-wanna-call-it, earlier in this post.  It is true.  I have an addiction to rolling new toons and flying through the first 10-20 levels.  Sometimes they never get dusted off again…some serve purposes of professions or banking/auctioning…some eventually get some love again until the rested runs out.

I've noticed I really love casting classes and Blood Elves.  I've rolled a toon of every Horde race except an Orc, but my Blood Elves are the ones that seem to be played more often.  /shrug Who knows why.  It is what it is.

Ok, back to where I was going with this.  Part of the reason I'm not level 80 yet is because I'm still working on alts.  I know, crazy, right? Some would say to get to 80 and then work on alts.  To each their own! 🙂

I thought I'd list my more active alts (especially since I can't let Sideshow one up me on that!) in case anyone is curious, or if they get some spotlight here.  Syrana can't be the center of attention all the time!  All of the following toons are on Eitrigg:

Alynedarra* – Level 73 Huntress (My first 70! Yay!)

Alaelara* – Level 40 Paladin (Learning to tank a bit)

Nicocha – Level 27 Druid (currently resto, learning to heal)

Dhaya – Level 26 Shaman (Mostly for banking and so much time spent on professions I just can't let her go!)

Rivara – Level 18 Mage (Fire baby, yeah.  Instead of speccing destruction on Syrana, I might as well have a real fire mage, right? 😉 )

Zuranisha – Level 61 Death Knight (Everyone's doin' it, y'know)

The newest toon: Vaerissa* – Level 16 Priest (umm, I really want to heal lately)

*Only one with that name according to the Armory.  Hmm.

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  • I have alt-itis, I have about 14 characters across 3 servers, only one is 71, ones 40 something the 20 are roughly 30, the rest are below 30. People laugh, but sometimes I don’t want to play a night elf druid, I want to play an undead warrior, or a gnome mage, or a troll shaman. My shaman is curently my “main” which I’m trying to lv to raid in a friends guild, the rest are languishing. I also had 3 characters on a server in another country but I had to move…


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