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As some of you may know, probably from following me on Twitter, Sideshow and I pre-ordered Aion.  Unfortunately, we only did so recently and weren't in the closed beta.  But! We were just in time for the start of the open beta, which was yesterday.

Let me stop here for a sec.

1-This is not about jumping ship

2-I know I have more BlizzCon stuff to post yet

But as you probably know from reading me, I talk about what I want in my own style and get to it when I can (or when the mood strikes).  So, if there is something you are awaiting to read… all in due time, trust me. 🙂

Ok – for those of you still with me….

After defeating the server/we've been bombarded by people logging in at the same time/site boss yesterday to actually get inside Aion… I must say, I'm liking what I see so far.  And when I say “see,” for the purposes of this post, I'm referring to just scenery.  (Not that I don't like other things, just… FOCUS!)

The scenery, is beautiful -no, breathtaking.  Sure, there are some areas that are dark and ugly, as intended.  But there are plenty of other areas that are absolutely gorgeous.  For example, the lake in the beginning Asmodian area – Negi's Dock – beeeeeauuutiful.  Gorgeous.  Stunning.

There is also an incredibly and endearingly sweet quest there called “Love in Bloom.”  (Hey, don't look at me like that.  Warlocks can be secret romantics…. seriously.  Quit looking at me like that before I melt your face off.)

So, without further ado… let's show you the few screenshots I remembered to grab.  (I was too distracted by all the prettiness surrounding me… that and trying to earn mah wings.)

Don't mind me, I'm just resting by this lovely lake.
Don't mind me, I'm just resting by this lovely lake.
That's right, bow down before Lord Syrana!
That's right, bow down before Lord Syrana!
Does my future contain more or less clothing?
Does my future contain more or less clothing?
Look, Ma! No tailoring required!
Look, Ma! No tailoring required!

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  • I hate to be the downer, but I think WoW looks better. There’s some line between looking good and looking better, but not quite good enough to be real, and so the effect is lost. Maybe it’s the screenshots not catching the full detail, because I have heard from many sources that it is a stunning game.

  • Intersting. I’ve been keeping an eye on this game and are looking to try it when it’s released. I haven’t pre-ordered or anything though.

    I do agree with the above, I think WoW looks better visually. But then I don’t like the realism look in my games…

  • I suppose it depends on your personal preferences, but the water textures in Aion alone make it the better game from a graphics standpoint. However, they each have their own stylistic flair which may not appeal universally.

    See the loveli lakes.

    The majestic moose.

    And yes, Asmodians are totally skankariffic.

  • Of course it is a matter of preference, but also, it makes a huge difference seeing it yourself. Even when clicking on my images to get a bigger/better view, it does it no justice.

    I found it to be very gorgeous. I’m not knockin’ WoW in the slightest, I still love WoW and find it very beautiful too – in its own style.


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