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With all the Patch 3.1 news, sometimes, you need a break and read something else.  Here are some great posts to check out that you may have missed recently.  (I'm not posting actual Patch info since many others have already done so.  But, if you want to reference the Affliction Warlock notes, Fulguralis has 'em!)

Towelie of South Park, image from Flickr*
Towelie of South Park, image from Flickr*
  • Want your GM and/or officers to love you? Follow these steps!
  • Kimberly takes a look at 5 quests that rawked.
  • Speaking of quests, never wonder where you should be questing again! Check out Zaralin's guide of answering the age old leveling question of “Where to now?”
  • Ever witness a Paladin trying to get a Warlock to attend Cathedral?  Ever witness it Out of Mana style?

Extra Special TLC:

Children's Week is fast approaching.  Check out The Hunting Lodge's great plans to help Child's Play, a wonderful charity and see how you can help!  We here at S&S are donating a signed (omg!) loot card.  So, see what you can do to help or stay tuned to check out all the awesome loot that will be on the charity AH!

The image is from the creators of South Park, but I found it at Flickr – Deanne127*

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  • The shout-out is much appreciated! It is great to see you on each Wednesday for the Epic Dwarven Blogger Elite podcast live!

  • @Zara – You are welcome! It’s a great resource… so often when leveling alts (or new players!) we wonder where to go next. And Wednesdays have been quite fun. 🙂


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