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Welcome to another wonderful edition of The Link Connection, brought to you on Thursdays, where we spread some link love.  (Gotta give back what's been given to you, amirite?!)

The Links

The launch of the multi-blog project I was hinting at was yesterday.  If you didn't catch the first part of the “Create Your Own Azeroth” story, do so now over at Hardcore Casual!

Check out Drillpress's post on working your way to being the Guardian of Cenarius.

Duct Tape and a Prayer presents this amusing (yet too real) Flow Chart to help you determine when to heal or not to heal DPS.

Ever seen an Ogre accept an award? Now you can say you have!

The Egotistical Priest, Vonya, poses an interesting idea that I'd love to see implemented in game.

The Confession

Ok, so there aren't multiple confessions to warrant a plural of the word confession.  And it's not a huge confession, I don't think.  Maybe.  I don't know.

I've fallen behind on my Google Reader again.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you've probably seen tweets about my progress getting through my reader.  There are so many great blogs out there and great writers.  And as I find more and more I like to read, I fall more behind.  But never by a lot.  No, I'm not missing months worth of posts… I just usually get caught up during the weekend.

See, with my job, I can occassionally take a peek at my reader, but usually can't read or comment much from work.  Not because sites are blocked (thank goodness they haven't caught that bug), just because time at work doesn't allow it.  It certainly doesn't allow me time to write posts either (except that one day where I wrote an outline for part of Aerissa's story…. and that other day where I wrote half an RP post there…).  So, I try to read through a few each night, make time to write, and play!

Why am I confessing this, you ask? Because I wuv you all.  I'm a bit of a commenter.. I know.. so, it might be more noticeable when I haven't popped by in a few days or suddenly leave ya 3 comments.  But I hate to skim and mark posts as read unless I felt I really read it and can take the time to comment (where applicable, of course).

And then, when I get caught up… you know what I do? I can't believe I have an empty reader and go find more blogs!

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Sharing is caring!


  • Life happens, don’t worry about not reading every post that every blogger writes. Read when you can, life comes first, enjoy us second…
    unless its me. Always read Epic Dwarven Blogger, its the only way to start any day.
    But feel free to forget everyone else.
    I’m ok with it.

  • Your priorities trumps blog reading or gaming any day. 🙂

    Great list of links by the way. I had to laugh at the healing flow chart. Yep, I’ve had something similar. I recently made another priest, Alliance. I think I’ll be playing her when Deimonia, my Affliction Warlock, is gathering rested bonus.

  • @Dav – Haha at least listening to you once a week doesn’t require me to do too much reading 😛

    @Moon – I like the new name! Glad you enjoyed the flow chart. It cracked me up (even if I’ve been a naughty dps at times). 😀

    @Fulg – You used the word of the month! You get extra credit 😉

  • There’s no shame in hitting the Mark All Read button sometimes. Have you set up folders in Google Reader for your subscriptions? I find it’s a lot easier to keep track of things if I can just click the “World of Warcraft” folder, or – for example – the “Priests” folder, etc. 🙂

    Thank you for the link love! (PS – it’s Duct Tape, though. :D)

  • @Sam – You are so welcome 🙂

    @Chris – omg >.< how'd I miss typing Tape? Gah! Fixt. Yes, I do have folders, but I feel guilty marking all read if I didn't read them lol

  • I have a method… Yesee, I am actually not a fan of ‘self-posts’

    If your blog post goes into something along the lines of “yay, I did X today!” I mark it read, and move in.

    That cuts down half of the blog posts I have to read. Im sorry, its just not compelling to me.

    I guess thats why I am not a fan of twitter (I make fun of it whenever I post something short by calling it a Twit!, rofl) Because the minutia of my life is boring enough without adding yours to it.

    Ive often wondered, though, does that make me an ass?

    Be Honest…

    But not too honest. =)

  • Well, ok, so there are SOME posts I skim quicker and they are usually related to a guide for a class I don’t play regularly… but I skim enough to know if it’ll be helpful in the future.

    The “I did X today” sorta depends on the writer or the X for me. I dunno.. I’m kind of a completionist I think. There’s probably a condition for my reader problem. (At work, I recently STOPPED keeping a to-do list. Why? Because I got so reliant on needing to cross things off, that I’d complete something before having to add it to the list.. then WRITE it on the list JUST to cross it off. But I’m better now. To-Do list free since January… at work anyway lol)

    Where was I going with this comment? Oh yeah, but Ogre, you liked my “I fell in the well and got stuck today” post! 😛

  • Ah, yay! I got linkied. Awesome. If it’s any consolation, the timing of this comment should show you how far behind I can get on my reading.

  • @Drillpress – 🙂 That makes me feel better! And especially since my Google Reader seems to have exploded today with the patch anticipation.


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