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While Brajana at Mend Pet likes to help broaden our vocabulary with her WoW Word of the Week posts, we like to take a look each month at a little bit of gamer vernacular history.  (We do enjoy her posts and if you haven't checked them out yet, I suggest you do so!)

Good Game aka GG


GG Blizz.

Oh, you died again, GG noob!

I actually haven't seen GG used as much lately as I used to.  Then again, I'm not in general or trade chat as much as I used to be.

This phrase seems to have evolved from a nice friendly comment at the end of an online game into a more sarcastic and condescending phrase.  And I think it has evolved.  Interestingly enough, I cannot find much on the way of “history” of this phrase.  Everything just leads to the definition of the acronym or says it is a sarcastic phrase.

But back in the day, many of us liked to acknowledge a good game that was played and would say so with both parties either typing it out or shortening it to GG.  Especially after a great challenge of chess or somesuch.  Of course, people like to shorten things to acronyms because we get lazy at the keyboard (admit it!) and you want to get that last word out before the other player leaves.

Nowadays, especially in WoW, people usually are being sarcastic by saying GG or good game.  They are either complaining (as in the GG Blizz example) or berating someone's lack of leet pwnage.

What are your thoughts? Do you think GG was always intended as a sarcastic “good job” comment? Have you ever used GG?  And what word/phrase/acronym would you like us to explore next month?

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  • I’m used to it being a friendly comment, meaning “good game!” at the end of a Starcraft match or something. I must admit that I don’t really like the new sarcastic form.

    I guess it’s along the lines of saying “Way to go, noob!” But often times it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I don’t always see what the ‘game’ they are referring to is!

    I like these Word of the Month things – there are soo many leetspeak terms I just don’t understand… hope you’ll be able to clear it all up for me!

  • @Brajana – I was used to GG as a friendly comment and was confused the first few times I saw it in WoW. Why must we find more ways to berate each other? I think the worst part, to me, is when someone uses it in a condescending way and the “recipient” doesn’t realize it. 🙁

    And I’m glad you like these posts! I love your word ones as well. 😀

    @Willel – xD Without knowing the player it’s so hard to say anymore… I hope they didn’t say it to you! 😉


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