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So, recently I've taken a bit of a break from my main.  I've been playing some alts in WoW, playing Aion, and occupying my time with other various things.  Last Thursday, I logged into Syrana to do some dailies and quest a bit in Icecrown.  It was fun, since I hadn't done dailies in quite some time.  Plus, I really needed some gold.  Prior to taking the break from the daily grind, I had dropped a lot of g on mounts.

Well, Sunday evening we returned from being out of town.  Sideshow logs in and sees he's quite close to completing Leading the Cavalry, so he buys up some mounts…

Sideshow says: "Ha! I beat you!"
Sideshow says: "Ha! I beat you!"

Of course, I cannot let this go for long.  I knew I was relatively close to completing this achievement myself.  I log on, check auctions (yay! money!) then hop on Syrana to do some dailies.  I take a look at my status and see I only need 2 more mounts.  I hadn't bought all the Nether Riding Rays yet, so off I went to Skettis and evened up the score!

Syrana says: "I shoulda bought more Rays last Thursday..."
Syrana says: "I shoulda bought more Rays last Thursday..."

So we are now the proud owners of the fugliest drakes in game.  Woo!

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  • Awesome – I too have this mount, and I agree, its fugly in a respect (in my opinion its face represents a clown, white and drab).

    However, doesn’t it feel cool to ride? It sticks out like a sore thumb in the dark places of northerend, particularly Icecrown.

    Grats all the same, Grtz sideshow and syrana!

    Im 10 mounts off the Mountain’o’mounts /flex

  • Congratuations!
    I’m even less likely to get this one than the Violet proto. 🙂
    Although, I have to agree with Syrana that the Albino is fugly. I’d go with the violet. 😛

  • @Frijona – I dunno, I think I like the pseudo-violet one better… not quite my shade, but seems to have a nicer look to it (imo anyway!)

    @Hinenuitepo – Thanks! 😀


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