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Watch it, she's a brawler!
Watch it, she's a brawler!

Hey everyone!

Yes, I know, it's the first Wednesday of the month.

Yes, I know, there should be some history and assorted information about a piece of gamer vernacular today.

But… Pixies are cute.

Yes, I said Pixies.  Stop looking at me that way!  I'm trying to explain why I didn't get the Word of the Month post done for today (yet)!

You see, there's been a little buzz about this new “free” MMO called Free Realms.  (Heh, free Free Realms).  Anywho, I've read some good (and not so good) things about this new game.  Sideshow and I talked about checking it out for fun.  Sideshow had a chance to start playing around with it Monday night.  I, on the other hand, did not have time Monday night to start it.

So, Tuesday tonight, I decided to check it out.  Of course, I had planned on writing the Word of the Month post and doing Argent Tournament dailies.  (Eeps, two days of missed dailies, my pet broom will be delayed!)

Now, I'm not going to write a full review right now, because, frankly, I'm not ready to do so!  I am planning on giving my thoughts and opinions for any that are curious.  I will say this, I'm alt tabbed out right now so I can get this post up and play a bit more.  (No, it's not replacing WoW, so don't even go there!)

A final tidbit to leave you with is the fun naming system.  You can scroll through 3 wheels of names/words to create a first and last name.  Hitting random is quite fun.  If you want a custom name, it does have to be approved.  So, while waiting for approval, you are asked to select a temporary name from the list of approved words.

My custom name that is awaiting approval is Syrana Preciousmetal.  My temporary name… well, I'm almost hoping to use it!


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  • Well Ms. Tinklesinger, or Pooflinger, or whatever…hurry up and get back into WoW, you’re missed.
    And where’s Gertbee been? I ain’t had someone to rant about Dwarfy/huntery goodness with in quite some time.
    hehe, I said Pooflinger…
    like a monkey.

  • @Davlin – I’m not completely out of WoW or OOW 😛

    And /facepalm

    How bad (or good) is it that I read that as “Poof – linger.” Shame on you Dav! /slaps hand

    And Gertbee has been in Free Realms too, just as a human male and not a pixie 😛


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