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A reminder that tonight will be the first Polygamerous podcast episode of 2010.  And the first with me as an “official” host!  I'd love to see you in the live chatroom tonight… at 8pm PST.

Since the show records live on Monday nights, I might have to move the weekly fanfiction installment to a different day.  We'll see (although part 42 won't be ready and posted until next week) if I can preplan and write it before Monday evening as I've been doing.  And, please, bare with me this week as I return to all my normal routines (work, home, blogging, gaming).  The holidays definitely mixed things up a bit.

Also, it seems one of my New Year's resolutions might be to drink more.

I forgot how much I love champagne.

Let's see, what other randomness can I include for you today?


I tweeted this picture yesterday, but in case you missed it….

Cat butt magnets. For the true cat lover?

This has to be the strangest gift I've ever received.  I got this for Christmas.  At least my mother-in-law has a sense of humor.

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  • The cat butts are too bizarre…

    I’m afraid I didn’t even get time to try your scavenger hunt! Maybe one of these days I’ll get more online-motivation. Of course, maybe one of these days the house will be finished…


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