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We all know that Sideshow and I are avid gamers.  But did you know my parents are gamers too? About a year ago, Sideshow and I piqued their interest enough in WoW to get them playing.  They each have their own account and are still enjoying the game.  Sure, Sideshow and I had told them about WoW throughout our times playing and they'd be interested in knowing our progress.  Now, it's a bit different having them play as well.  We get to talk with them in game, my mom is a loyal reader of the blog, and phone conversations and visits are full of WoW chatter.  I thought it might be fun for you, my readers, to hear a little more about them.

… except when I asked them to participate, my dad said, “You'll have to find your parents first…”

How many characters do you have? What are their levels, classes, and races?

Mom: 9 characters: 80 Blood Elf Mage, 80 Blood Elf Death Knight, 66 Blood Elf Paladin, 16 Dwarf Hunter, 36 Undead Priest, 24 Blood Elf Hunter, and 3 bank alts.

Dad: 7 characters: 80 Orc Hunter, 30ish Blood Elf Hunter, 20ish Troll Hunter, 59 Orc Death Knight, 69 Dwarf Hunter, 66 Night Elf Hunter, and a 68 Draenei Hunter.  (Syr's Note: All his toons are males except the dwarf.  Yay for female dwarf love!)

Which faction do you identify the most with?

Mom: For the Horde!

Dad: For the Alliance!

What is your main?

Mom: Kelinarra, my mage, used to be my main, but now it's Fanatasial, my death knight.

Dad: Yuum, my dwarf.

Why do you prefer that character?

Mom: Fantasial is powerful and I like to smash faces.

Dad: Yum is a beast master hunter and I have a lot of fun playing with her.  And, she has big boobs…. I mean, she looks strong chested.  I identify well with short characters and she's cute.

What is your favorite thing to do in game and why?

Mom: It's not questing! I like raiding, dungeons, and battlegrounds.

Dad: I like the battlegrounds.  It's a nice challenge against other people.  Questing doesn't feel challenging to me.

What is your favorite battleground?

Mom: Alterac Valley.  I was able to level Keli from 72 to 80 in there.

Dad: Warsong Gulch.  It's a little more challenging and requires strategy to win.  It has smaller teams so there are less afkers.

What is your favorite instance/raid?

Mom: I've finished Naxx and am working on Ulduar, so that would be my favorite right now.

Dad: I haven't been in enough to choose a favorite.

What is your favorite zone to quest in?

Mom: Hillsbrad area.

Dad: Hellfire Peninsula.

What do you look forward to the most about Cataclysm?

Mom: I'm looking forward to the new zones and exploring.

Dad: Being able to fly in the old world and having those zones redone because the lower levels are a lot of fun to play.  I like the old world, but some of it is kind of boring now.  I'm also interested in hunter changes and Worgen.

What was your first gaming experience?

Dad: Pac Man, Asteroids, Crystal Caves, Missile Command, Circus, Pitfall, Pole Position, and all those classics on the Atari.  I used to dream about Pac Man in my sleep.  We used to play late into the night.  Then later on, Tetris was quite addictive.

Mom: Same as your dad since we played all of those together.

What is your favorite gaming memory?

Mom: Reaching level 80 in WoW.

Dad: Fitting all our Sierra games onto one 20MB hard drive, so we could move away from disk play.

What was your favorite game to play with me when I was younger?

Mom: Asteroids, Crystal Caves, Mario, Duck Hunt and a lot more.  (Syr's Note: It wasn't Mortal Kombat.  I was pretty ruthless with my mighty footsweeps.)

Dad: Playing through Black Cauldron (Sierra – PC) together.  But when we moved to arcade games, you started beating me all the time.

What was your favorite “old school” game?

Mom: I really enjoyed the King's Quest series by Sierra.

Dad: Leisure Suit Larry by Sierra.

Am I evil?

Dad: No, you are my precious little princess.

Mom: You can be, but you also have helped me out of jams.  Like that time when I was questing in Searing Gorge with some friends.  There was a flagged Alliance player who kept getting in our way, and one of the people I was with ended up attacking him.  We were flagged and getting killed.  You came out and killed those Alliance players for us.

Anything else that you want to share?

Mom: I've been playing WoW for a year now and it's my only online game at this time.

Dad: Yeah, but nobody wants it… Oh, don't forget we had a lot of fun running the BBS and playing Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD).

There ya have it folks!  (And a big THANK YOU to my parents for being good sports!)

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  • Oh Lordy… They are bigger gamers than you… and that’s saying something. I’m with your Dad on LSL, I lost a few days to that game… The age checker was the funniest part!

    Never got dirty enough for a teenage boy though

  • @Gnomer – Haha the funniest part about LSL… I was playing it too when they were! Thankfully my dad would help me with the age checker 😛

  • That’s great! My parents aren’t gamers – but we’re all career folk these days. So, that’s mostly what we discuss. My dad actually occasionally asks for my opinion on the house he’s designing/building. I was an Architectural remodeler for 3+ years and am now your standard Architectural drafter for a commercial engineering firm…but I digress. I think it’d be a lot more fun to talk “wow” with them.

  • @Samodean – I may or may not have embellished his answer just a tad… 😛

    @Jaedia – Yeah, he is a hunter fanatic! He also tries various specs and pets across them. 🙂

    @Cait – The important thing is having some sort of common ground to make visits entertaining, I think. Personally, I get bored talking about work too much mostly because it can get depressing (working with so many people with sad and traumatic stories).

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