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Sometimes the words available to us cannot fully capture a meaning we are trying to convey.  This is often when we make up words.  And every once in awhile, made up words can catch on…


Now this is not a word I made up myself.  I've seen other warlocks use it.  I might be mistaken, but I think the first time I saw it was over at Killing 'em Slowly.  This is a word that has definitely caught on.  I recently received a keyword search, searching for it's meaning:


In a nutshell, warlockery is the very essence of being a warlock.  It encompasses anything and everything that makes us… us!


I believe this was one of mine.  At least, I don't recall seeing it or hearing it anywhere prior to me using the word.  It may or may not be catching on since my post about ninjavites, since I have seen it come up in keyword searches for the site.


A ninjavite is sending or receiving an unsolicited group or guild invite to/from someone you do not know and haven't talked to.


After my post about being an MMO swinger, I sought a single word to better represent multi-gaming for me.  During a conversation on Twitter, it came to me… polygamerous.  Yes! Of course! To love multiple games at any given time is to be polygamerous. The flip, loving only one game at any given time, would most certainly be monogamerous.

The next time I used it was in chat after a live recording of TNB when a new project was being discussed.  What started out as an off the cuff comment turned into a great descriptor.  You'll want to keep your eye on this new polygamerous podcast project!

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  • @Kleps – There is nothing wrong with being traditional, but either way ya game, there’s not reason to be ashamed. 🙂

    @Veliaf – I’m thinking whoever searched for the definition is not a warlock, because we just KNOW what it means.

    @Fulg – I’m pretty sure it was you. If not, the true creator can blame me for giving credit to the wrong person 😛

  • Nice! All three of these are funny and have quite the cachet. 😉

    An addmittedly unlikely word to catch on I first used in a guild forum reminding people to once again Do Not Stand In Fire!

    I started calling them “DNSIFs” or “Dunceifs”


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