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I have been playing some stuff lately, I swear!

Although I've been a bit more focused at getting the new blog rolling, I haven't stopped gaming altogether.  Granted, I haven't played WoW in about a week, but I've been hitting up Facebook games again lately…



Don't look at me like that! They take little time! I have less time now with all this sleep I keep wanting.

Anywho, a couple days ago, CSI Deadly Intent for the Xbox 360 arrived via Gamefly.  Mind you, I added this along with several other console games several months ago while I was still one of the cohosts of Polygamerous.

Unfortunately, we had reduced back down to 1 game at a time and …. well, Sideshow has ultimate control over the list.  So, mine will get here when they get here. 😛

This game is at least a year old, but if you are a CSI fan like myself, then you will probably enjoy it.  I had fun, but I wouldn't pay the brand new, full price of the game.  I got about 10 hours of game play out of it and there is practically no replayability (unless you are just anal about achievements).

I played a previous one and enjoyed it (pretty sure I rented it or bought it used….can't remember though).  There are still a few things that frustrate me in the game play though.  Such as, needing to uncover certain evidence or statements before moving forward with the investigation.  Sometimes my thought process was ahead of the game.

The voice acting is pretty good, since they use the actual actors from the show.  Well, except Catherine Willows.  I'm not sure why that was the only one done by the non-actor of the TV counterpart.  The look and voice were close, but noticeable to someone who watches the show regularly (read: too much).

Each case has an interesting story that unfolds with twists and turns so the suspect is never who you first expect (that would be too easy!)

I must say that I never learn my lesson that I would enjoy these type of games MORE on my computer than on a console.


Because the Xbox stick does not have enough fine control for sweeping the screen, watching for cursor changes.  A mouse is easier to maneuver in such a way.  Sometimes it was quite touchy in the game and I spent too much time trying to get the cursor where it needed to be.  The DS would also be better, I would suspect….although they had their own special version of the game with different cases…. probably to incorporate more of the touchyfeely platform.

All in all, I enjoyed solving 5 cases.  I'm a pretty good armchair CSI, if I do say so m'self.

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Sharing is caring!


  • Ooooh so now you’ve reminded me about this game I will be downloading it for the Wii.


    Did I just say that my Wii has been soft-modded so I can dl games for free out LOUD.


    My bad! 😉

  • @Tami – Actually, I haven’t been keeping up on my gaming news very much lately, but I just got caught up on that! OMG adorable tiger! I definitely like the idea of a completely motion sensor.. no holding something to make it more awkward. And… since I didn’t really keep my NintenDogs alive >.> I’ll have to say that the baby will enjoy Kinectimals to justify buying it… 😀

    @Softi – xD I think on the Wii the controls are better than the xbox as well. I want to play more of these… just they are a bit expensive for what you get. (Now if there were 10 cases….)

    @Sideshow – Well, it wasn’t a complete waste of money. I just know a bit better now than to buy ’em brand new. 🙂


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