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Generation 2: Aerissa and Caleb

Aerissa had a lot to ponder after chatting with her father's ghost.  Later that week, she spent some time painting.  She didn't have anything in particular in mind as she picked up her brushes.

When she finished the painting, she stared at it; wondering what her mind was trying to tell her.  She took the scene to mean it was time for her to set sail again for new adventure.  So, the next day she went downtown to hang out and try to meet some new people.  Strike that.  To try and meet a new guy.

Aerissa was nervous.  Brenden had broken her heart and she hadn't dated since high school.  She felt awkward, but bravely went up to the first guy she saw and started chatting him up.  He seemed friendly enough, but he wasn't her type visually.

Nex, she approached a man reading on a park bench.  The book signaled intelligence and a love of literature to her.  And, well, she loved books.  Unfortunately, he kept daydreaming about his maid.

Aerissa started to get discouraged.  She was hoping to hit it off with someone enough to grab dinner with them, and she was starving.  The next guy she talked to seemed to be an improvement over all the rest, but their few moments together was like an emotional rollercoaster.  One minute he liked what she was saying, the next he was completely repulsed.  Aerissa decided he was too high maintenance for her needs.

As she was leaving, she curiously observed some teenagers hanging out.  She assumed they were new to the area, and wondered if her girls knew them.  She felt bad, but was kind of glad her son, Trenton, was very introverted.  She wasn't sure if she'd want him getting involved with the girl.

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  • This was posted in Febuary, so i was wondering if you still post these…. I havnt commented, but I LOVE THEM! Your such a good writer 🙂

  • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy the Sims posts. They will continue shortly. I’m still easing back into my old posting routine after a bit of a hiatus. 🙂


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