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Generation 2: Aerissa, Xander, and Caleb

Brenden's music career was slowly blossoming.  He started booking more gigs at parties and was drawing larger crowds in the park.  For a few months, he was playing more concerts than he was spending time with Aerissa.  Aerissa tried not to feel jealous about this, but she couldn't help but wonder if he was losing interest in her.  After all, she'd seen some of the girls that frequented the night clubs.  What Aerissa didn't realize was Brenden was trying to save money for a very special gig.

Aerissa on wedding day

When Brenden proposed to Aerissa, she could hardly believe she had started to doubt their relationship and his feelings.  When he slipped the engagement ring onto her finger, she knew why he'd been working so much.  They quickly started planning and decided to get married in the gazebo at the very park where they had met.

aerissa and brenden get married

They held a relatively small wedding with only friends and family invited.  However, a few of Brenden's fans seemed to have learned the location and came to watch as their beloved musician tied the knot.

aerissa and brenden chasseur wedding - good party

Aerissa and Brenden had a wonderful day and were in good spirits as they became Mr. and Mrs. Brenden Chasseur.  Most of their guests seemed to enjoy the festivities as well.  Although, apparently a few of his fans were disappointed that there weren't concert-like explosions and special effects.

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  • You write so well, haha!

    Another enjoyable read 🙂 I have to agree, why not Explosions? need moarrr explosions!

    Could of been worse then she thought, he could of been cheating on her with Second-Life!

  • @Kromus – Thanks 😀 Actually, if it would have let me have explosions, there totally would have been some. I just found it amusing that one of the guests was thinking about rockets! lol


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