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I thought I'd make an appearance today by putting up my review of Guitar Hero: Metallica. It merges two of my favorite things, Metallica and video games. I was a bit skeptical at first. I was not very impressed with the Guitar Hero: World Tour release. They seemed to decide to do everything different from Rock Band, who almost perfected that style of game. The song selection in GH:WT was a bit weak and some songs were really boring to play as a band.

Obviously, the song selection on Metallica is not weak. As said in a few reviews that I've read, they really did a good job at converting the song into the video game instrumentation. The songs are fun to play on every instrument and can be extremely challenging, too (I'm looking at you Dyers' Eve.) All Metallica fans will find something they like from Kill ‘Em All to Death Magnetic.

If you're a long-time Metallica fan, you will notice the extreme detail that Neversoft went into to bring Metallica to the game. Details like James' movements while singing or the stage setups and locations. I see something new every time I play.

Like Samodean at Hardcore Casual said in his review, “They've changed the advancement system. Now you unlock new venues and songs based upon how many stars you've earned. So, if you can't get past Disposable Heroes, just move on.” It's a nice touch and it lets you get to the songs you want to play even faster instead of requiring you to finish up every song in order. Even some of the other songs on the disc were fun to play and I've found some newer music that is really good. Like lesser known bands to most people such as Kyuss, The Sword, Corrosion of Conformity, and Samhain.

If you're a Rock Band fan or a Guitar Hero fan or even just a metal fan, I'd definitely recommend this game. It's fun from novice to expert and you'll get to interact with some great music from the last 25+ years.

Verdict: BUY

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  • As much as I prefer Rock Bands vocal set up over Guitar Hero, I do really like the Metallica version. And the little extras go a long way. From the James head shake to the crowd chanting…. \m/


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